Baby Crazy: Comic Edition - The Xavier Mansion

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Baby Crazy: Comic Edition - The Xavier Mansion

"I'm not a 1950's housewife, Scott!" Jean exclaimed angrily, slamming her closet door shut angrily. Scott groaned and tossed the sheets off as he stood up from the bed, clad only in his boxers. He really didn't want another fight but he needed to talk to her about was important.

"I know, Jean," Scott said softly as he slowly walked over to her. "I just want you to think about it. Consider it."

"I already told you, I'm too busy," Jean replied stoically. "And I've been reading your mind lately. It's practically all you think about."

Scott sighed. The perks of having a telepathic wife. "Honey, look, one baby wouldn't change everything. You could still teach and go out on the field occasionally and -"

"No!" Jean screamed. Scott felt a telekinetic tremor go through the room and immediately silenced. "I'm not mother material - okay?"


"Honey...I just don't think it's the right time..." Lorna murmured at her pacing husband. "You're always doing field work and I just got promoted to's just not the right time to start a family."

"You're almost thirty!" Alex replied angrily. "You're too old to not have a baby. I've been patient, Lorna, but this is important to me...and I thought it was important to you too."

Lorna frowned and looked away. "It was...and one day -"

"No, Lorna. Now."


"A baby?" Kitty asked aloud. She and her boyfriend, Piotr, had just been making out on the sofa in the game room after an exciting match of mario kart when the boy dropped a bomb on the 17 year-old-girl.

"In my country, girls begin having babies young," Piotr explained. "That way they are big and healthy and can grow into strong Russians."

Kitty rolled her eyes. Sometimes her boyfriend could be so...foreign. Occasionally it was kind of cute, but most of the time Kitty didn't understand it. Culture gap.

"You've never mentioned wanting to have a family before," Kitty said, trying to keep her voice nonchalant. Internally, she was freaking out. She was only seventeen! She still felt like a kid and now her boyfriend wanted her to have one?

"I think you are a good age now," Piotr replied calmly. "We could move to the country and I will build you a big house. Sound nice?"

Kitty bit her lip. "Uh..."


Magda stood straight up, her high heels clicking loudly on the hardwood. "You must be joking, Charles."

"I know you're still having your periods," Charles said. "And I've always wished we could have a baby - one that is both yours and mine."

"I'm past all of that," Magda exclaimed, bracing her arms against her thin chest. The slender woman hardly looked like she had birthed three children, perhaps because it had been many years ago, back when she was a teenager and married to that brute Eric.

"Think about it, please," Charles replied limply.

  1. Jean's frustration over Scott's pestering causes a gender swap
  2. Hank helps Scott come up with a serum to help solve his problem with Jean
  3. Charles invites Pamela Isley to the mansion to help make Magda pregnant
  4. Alex's consults a magical friend who changes reality
  5. The women gather to discuss the issue
  6. something else

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