The Lab - presentation

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The Lab - presentation

Adam sighted while watching the clock. His parents were late, as usual and his sister, Sue had already called them three times for dinner. But they were too busy, despite the fact that they were in the basement of their large, secluded house.

Keith and Janice Langdon were always coming home late from work, later and later since they'd been working on that new project, the cross-species genome project. For them, the goal was to create a treatment for degenerative diseases and conditions and maybe to cure cancer. It was an amazing idea, to take all the strengths of the animal kingdom and bottle them up.

They had created several serums using the DNA of different species (bull, wasp, bee, lizard, scorpion ...) but the samples were too unstable for field testing.
Some of the laboratory rats didn't respond good while others seemed cured. But their metabolisms were very different from humans and they knew they will need human test subjects, maybe themselves.
  1. later that night, Adam break into the lab, searching for some kind of steroids for him (he wants to become a football player)
  2. later that night, Sue break into the lab, wanting to know what kind of work her parents are doing
  3. after dinner, Keith decides to try a sample
  4. after dinner, Janice decides to try a sample
  5. later that night, someone try to steal their researches
  6. S.E

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