Perversions of an Omnipotent Stranger - The Base Set Up

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Perversions of an Omnipotent Stranger - The Base Set Up

Many Stories feature the mysterious stranger, coming in from the shadows to instigate otherwise unexplainable changes. Typically seen as a male, he is the bringer of curses, magical items, games, reality changes, physical and mental transformations alike. The stranger is the entity that brings chaos to the established order and rebuilds the world and the people that fall in its path to whatever whim the stranger wishes at that time.

This is an interactive story about the characters that run into the Stranger in various forms, under various circumstances, with various changes. Consider this a hub to collapse this type of set up into one location, regardless of whatever fetishes await in the following chapters.

The intended rules:
-The stranger can be anyone, man, woman, an ephemeral being, whatever is needed or fitting for the story.
-The stranger is the insighter, escalator, the rule establisher, and typically the "villain" of the set up. Ideally I imagine these stories will focus not on the stranger so much, but rather the characters that wind up under its influence.

(Unfortunately because these options cannot seem to be renamed once posted, the initial choices will be have to be numbered for this post. So please title your introductory chapter with a clear set up please for future readers. Thanks!)
  1. Story One
  2. Story Two
  3. Story Three
  4. Story Four
  5. Story Five
  6. Additional Story Options

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