Master PC: Thick Edition - Mark tests out Master PC

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Master PC: Thick Edition - Mark tests out Master PC

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Testing the new program, Mark first typed in

//Mark Stevens is the owner of this program. No one else may use the program. All use of the pronoun "I" will reference Mark Stevens.

Hitting the enter button, the command went through, even though Mark had no way of knowing if it actually worked. On second thought, he could give the program a command using "I" to see if it worked. He wrote in

//I have red painted fingernails.

Upon hitting the enter key, Mark looked down to see that his fingernails had turned a deep crimson. Holy crap! The potential for this program was amazing! All of his wishes and fantasies might finally come true! Turning his fingernails back to normal, Mark typed in

  1. trying out the fairer sex
  2. Something else

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