Master PC: Thick Edition - Mark discovers Master PC

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Master PC: Thick Edition - Mark discovers Master PC

Mark Stevens was an 18 year old guy who always had a thing for big girls. They were the only thing on his mind. One day, while browsing his usual pornos, he saw an ad that read:

"Want to make change? Want that change to last? Install Master PC now!"

Thinking about everything in his life he wishes he could change, Mark quickly clicked on the ad, knowing that his anti-virus software would detect whether or not the program was a scam. Running the program proved the ad to be completely clean. So, Mark decided to install the file and start it up. Instantly he was greeted by a screen with a box for typing and the prompt:

"Welcome to Master PC! Any wish will become reality simply by typing in the box below!"

Mark sat back in his computer chair, completely in disbelief in what he saw. Reaching for the keyboard...
  1. Mark tests out Master PC
  2. Something Else

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