The changing mirror - Introduction

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The changing mirror - Introduction

(AN:please no extreme changes e.g. Massively fat/rediculously large boobs. Keep it within the realms of reality)

The changing mirror was forged 100000 years ago by mythical creatures and aliens in a century long war against humanity. It changes people just by looking at it, and within 24 hours you are a member of the weaker sex(who they perceived to be females) and will also change if you are a woman either in lifestyle or appearance or personality.

Someone finds it in there garden, and digs it up, but who?...
  1. John grey (a 75 year old man with dementia)
  2. Sarah McQueen (a rich model a rich and famous actress and a brat)
  3. Ben Garson (a high school football player)
  4. Kaitlin McDonald (a fat nerd)
  5. Plain dusty (a daft politician)
  6. Breanne Goldstein (a rich high school bimbo, cheerleader & drama queen)
  7. Kate middleweight (80 year old queen of uptania)
  8. Sarah jones (a rich CEO)
  9. Gary bobsled (a homeless man)

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