The remote - Miranda uses the remote to change Eve, and she is the only one that notices it.

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The remote - Miranda uses the remote to change Eve, and she is the only one that notices it.

Parent Chapter

Miranda had programmed a number of changes into the remote, most dealing with her personality. Instead of materialistic and shallow, Eve would be compassionate and kind. Instead of looking down at the outcasts of the school, Eve would be close friends with them. But there was one change Miranda had added as she watched Eve berate Kathryn, fingers going to work.

Carefully observing all the programmed changes, Miranda fired, the blast striking Eve and a slight flare of energy pulsing outwards before vanishing.

Eve blinked. She was still beautiful, her parents still very well off bordering on rich. Her style changed though, gone was the flashy designer clothing and the jewelery custom made and prepared from all corners of the globe. She was wearing a simple pair of jeans and a peach-colored tank-top. Her haughty attitude was the thing of the past, now friends with all cliques in the college, able to blend in and out with ease.

As Eve watched Kathryn, more of her life was changed. She remembered making friends with the slightly chubby Kathryn back in elementary, encouraging her to not lose the weight if it made her happy, leaving little treats for Kathryn to consume when possible. Eventually, near their junior year of high school, their friendship became something deeper and the pair became a couple.

Now, staring at her lover, Eve beamed and hugged Kathryn tightly, lightly patting her belly.

"I knew you could lose those pounds, baby, but I kind of miss what you've shed."

Kathryn returned Eve's hug, placing a gentle kiss on Eve's lips before breaking apart a bit. "I just feel like such a pig with you being so skinny and all."

"Kat, please, you're beautiful and I think I've shown you plenty of times what your big, gorgeous, body has done for me. But if you want, I can get bigger for you."

"I couldn't ask you to-" But Eve cut Kathryn off with a deeper kiss and a wink.

"Already made up my mind, love."

Kathryn sighed, rolling her eyes but following after Eve as she made her way to the cafeteria line, grabbing what she decided would be the most fattening foods available.

Miranda just stared, blinking a bit in shock at what she had created.

Eventually, Miranda.....

  1. Smiled, pleased at her invention and jumps ahead in time to see a fatter Eve.
  2. Frowned, she hadn't made Eve a lesbian. Maybe more work was needed on the remote.
  3. Something else.

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