X-Men: Pheromone Control - Emma talks to Charles about the twins

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X-Men: Pheromone Control - Emma talks to Charles about the twins

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Ever since the twins showed up, Emma's boobs have been hurting. Out of nowhere, they swelled up and started secreting milk.

And weirdest part? Wolverine's been trying to nuzzle. It's only been a day, and already things are getting pretty weird at Xavier's.

"They did something to me." Emma crossed her arm, trying to hide her leaking top. She felt so uncomfortable. She actually wore a sweater today, her stomach was so bloated and pudgy!

"Logan too... I don't know what's happening, Charles, but I'm starting to regret taking them in."

Charles sighed.

"Emma, they're children in need of help. And whatever is happening, they didn't mean to do it. Once we find out exactly what their abilities are, I'm sure we'll be able to fix your... (cough) problem."

"I'm the only person at Xavier's with swollen tits. And I mean person. Bobby, Alex, and Forge have tits now. It's pheromonal, it has to be."

"None of Hank's test show that." Charles pointed out. "Get some rest. I'm sure the worst is over."
Jean couldn't believe what she was seeing, her perfect figure, gone. She almost looked pregnant!

And her ass! How could her body change in just one night?

"Jean?" Scott poked his head in the bathroom, staring at Jean.

Jena was blushing.


  1. Scott becomes a hormonal Beast lusting over Jean's curves
  2. Wolervine begs Emma to suckle on her tits
  3. Something happens to Xavier
  4. Something else

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