X-Men: Pheromone Control - The Zalenstein twins

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X-Men: Pheromone Control - The Zalenstein twins

"This place is already overcrowded as it is," a beautiful blonde woman murmured as she looked over the papers of the young twin girls in front of her. They looked around twelve and had long ringlets of brown hair and weirdly yellow eyes. They were a bit different, but then again it was a school for mutant children. Everyone was different. The woman, who was in charge of admissions, waved off the bizarre eyes as a part of the girl's mutation, which beyond a bit of tinkering with their parent's libidos was undiscovered. The blonde thought it might have something to do with pheromone's but she wasn't positive.

"But, we're not going to turn down mutants who need a home and a school. Welcome to Xavier's girls. Kitty will help you get settled in - she's a senior here and knows the place pretty well," the woman, named Emma Frost, said kindly as she handed the girls their schedules and the key to their room. "Goodluck, girls."

The twins smiled but stayed silent as they followed the bubbly Kathryn Pryde to their third-floor dorm room.

"So, you're Tally Zalenstein," Kitty asked, pointing to one of the identical twins, "and you're Sally Zalenstein?"

Quite frankly, Kitty couldn't tell them apart one bit. They looked exactly the same and acted like mirror images. Kitty didn't like being rude to new students, but the girls were a little bit...scary, especially considering no one knew what their powers were. She knew they were probably harmless but their yellow eyes freaked her out.

The girls smiled in a somewhat creepy way and nodded. Kitty eyed them but covered her skepticism with a smile. "Well, here's your room. If you need anything, just ask! I'm right down the hall."

They nodded in unison and quickly shut the door in Kitty's face without saying a word.


"I just...the spark is gone, Scott," Jean admitted softly as she pulled on a bra. She and her husband had just finished a disastrous, and fatally short, round of lovemaking that had left both of them, though especially Jean, unsatisfied. This was the final straw.

"I don't know what's wrong, Jean," Scott replied, head hung low. "I'm still attracted to you..."

"Bull shit," Jean shot back. "I have a perfect body thanks to hours every day in the Danger Room and you don't even appreciate it. What do I have to do? Get a boob job like Emma?"

Scott sighed, shaking his head. "No, Jean. I love you. You know I do." And Scott did - he was telling the truth. The problem? Scott didn't like skinyy women and Jean Grey definitely qualified as a skinny woman. He loved her emotionally and mentally...but physical love was difficult, especially now that she was teaching a Danger Room course and had become ripped with muscle. It disgusted him. Thankfully, his desires were so deeply buried even his Omega-level telepathic wife hadn't been able to find them.

"I love you too, Scott...but we have to do something. I'm not living this way." Jean got up from the bed and walked gracefully over to the bathroom to draw a bath. "Figure something out, Scott..."


"Uknown powers?" Charles wondered aloud, looking over the report of two new students. Apparently, their powers were not becoming apparent in their classes, even with his experienced teachers attempting to pull them out. There was something about them that was mutant, clearly, but no one could pin it down exactly...

But, Charles Xavier wanted his students to move along at their own pace, especially when they were so young. He could call them in and sift through their brains but he decided to let them flourish independently, on their own time. He made a special note to place them into Jean's telepathy class, though. She had a way with shy students that most of the teachers (Emma Frost and the Wolverine mostly) did not.

With that, Charles Xavier flipped the report over and began inspecting the next student record, oblivious to the powers the girls possessed that would, slowly but surely, change his school indefinitely.
  1. The twins attend Jean Grey's class
  2. Emma talks to Charles about the twins
  3. Scott talks to his friend about his hidden desires
  4. something else

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