Xavier's Justice League - Emma's lament

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Xavier's Justice League - Emma's lament

An older woman, around fifty, sat on her couch, her massive belly out and scratched by her pudgy hand, with her her dull blonde hair a mess, her other hand tightly gripping a nearly empty bottle of bourbon.

Usually, she's quite sophisticated. The Headmistress to a school for superhuman children, a well respected telepath, and leader of Xavier's Justice League. The long time team of superheroes with a background of mutant, alien, magic, superhuman, and various other walks of life.

Today wasn't a good day for the Grandmother of three, it hadn't been for awhile now, since today is her wedding anniversary... and her wife's been dead for ten years now.

Her television was showing a press coverage of her team filmed the week before, after victory against an army of Brood.

In yellow spandex, the team leader, Superman stood front and center. The 25 year old was smiling brightly after single handedly stopping the brood from destroying Vermont while his team dealt with the land attack on Gotham.

Next to him was Laura Logan, otherwise know as Kitten. A sweet an innocent 18 year old who still sleeps with a teddy bear.

To his left, his fiance, Batty. Raised by former villains, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Bryce Quinn was a nut-job Clark Kent found himself obsessed with. Maybe it was her looks, maybe it was her peppy attitude, but he was hooked.

There was also a female Brainiac, a teenage Hulk, and Raven.

<"Mother?"> A woman's voice sighed inside Emma's head. <"Mother, it's noon! Don't tell me you're already drinking?">

"Rachel Frost-Grey, if you wanna criticize my yearly ritual, say it to my face!" Emma slurred while looking at old photos of Jean Grey.

<"I'm not even in the state, Mother."> Rachel pointed out. "But I will be, and I have a surprise.">

"What is this, baby number 4? Watch yourself, sweetie, Grey women's asses get bigger and bigger with each pregnancy! At least you'll be a good lesson when you're sisters ever decide to have kids!"

"No... well, yes, but that's not the surprise."
  1. Rachel is setting up her mother with a nice woman her age
  2. Rachel tries to set her mom up with Captian America
  3. The Phoenix visited Rachel the other day and wants to visit her wife
  4. Something else

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