Guardians of the Multiverse - Rick and Yumi run into trouble

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Guardians of the Multiverse - Rick and Yumi run into trouble

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An acesss point was found, after hours passing the corpses of Ricks, Morties, and aliens.

"Shit, get down." Rick pushed Yumi to the side of giant metal shard.


"I-I don't believe it. How is that thing here?"

Yumi slowly popped her head out to see a floating Victorian-era Doll.

"Little Miss Sally." Yumi's eyes lit up.

In this multiverse, Yumi has met many oddities. Gods, Demons, heroes, villains. But one person stood out, Little Sally. Once a 19th Duchess who lost her daughter to polio, Sally York became obsessed with dolls. No ones exactly sure how she became a powerful deity that transforms people into living dolls.

"Fuck!" Rick said under his breath. "T-This is bad! If Sally's here... what exactly are you looking for?"

"That doesn't matter." Yumi assured Rick.

"Doesn't matter!" Rick yelled, catching the dolls attention. "Zombie Dolls don't show up out of nowhere! What are you after!"
Phoebe was raised by The Wolverine, he died about four years ago. Scott didn't like how close they were, so he had the Canadian dealt with.

It felt good to see Scott on the ground, bloody and defenseless.

"You killed my Uncle, you killed my Moms, what possibly makes you think I'd want anything to do with you?" Phoebe growled with a rod in her hand. She had taken down Scott's gang quite easily.

Scott started to laugh, the sounds of jeeps became more clear.

"Sweetie, just give up." Scott smiled. "You took down two greenhorns and your oldman."

"You're not my old man!" Phoebe shouted.

But she was scared, the odds were against her, and what good would running away do? It's always leading her back to this point.

<"Need a hand?"> A Soothing, feminine voice whispered in Phoebe's ear.

"That's not possible."

"But it is, I'm your father." Scott pleaded, unaware Phoebe was talking to someone telepathically.

"You can leave is world behind, if you help me."

Phoebe looked at this world, there was nothing left for her here.

"Whatever you are, I'll do it. Just get me away from that prick!"
Whatever you do, don't play with Sally's doll. You feel an attachment almost immediately. Your mind drifts to thoughts of candy, children's rhymes, and your Mother Sally.

Your body will slowly regress and form into glass. Becoming yet another doll to her collection.

It's an awful fate.

"Don't play with doll!" Rick shouted while dashing towards the control room.

Yumi was trying her best not to, but she could hear the doll's youthful giggle in her ear.

No known weapon could hurt Sally's doll, they were indestructible, the only option is to pray that you're strong enough to resist!

For a moment, Yumi felt submissive. She was about to give in to the doll's demands.

<"Mommy?"> A young girl's voice cried inside Yumi's head. The West Coast flooded her thoughts, she could see a young girl with long red hair playing on the sands with Spider-Woman.

It was all Yumi needed to get a grip. Her tentacles out, she charged at Rick, and jolted into the control room.

"You almost became a doll!" Rick sweated.

"I've been a lot of things." Yumi laughed. "Now, let's get this done before someone else shows up!"

  1. Rick and Yumi get the information they need, but someone stops them from leaving the citadel
  2. Where is Phoebe now?
  3. Something else

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