Guardians of the Multiverse - The Team assembles

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Guardians of the Multiverse - The Team assembles

Hi, I'm a... I'm a guy without a face Johnson, and I... and I don't have a face." A faceless man, promoting a new lawn mower, said on television while Rick Sanchez drank a light beer. "W-Wait, how do I breath? Oh god, somebody, help me!"

"You like this garbage?" A thirty year old Japanese woman, with a scar on the left side of her face, wearing a tattered up shield uniform, sat down opposite of the 60 year old mad scientist.

"Look, I-I just lost my weekend chill zone to a psycho version of myself. Please, just let me relax."

Yumi smiled.

"I'm not gonna hurt you Ricki... I mean Rick."

Rick laughed.

"Ricki? Sh-Shit, are you- are you talking about Ricki from dimension K-37A? I was (belch) hoping she'd be dead by now!"

"She is." The Octopus Mutant lowered her head.

"F-Finally, some good news! Let me guess, you're part of that stupid club she was in? Guardians of the Multiverse? G-Gaaaay!"

"I don't like you saying that." Yumi said sternly.

"W-Well, it is. Or was. Please tell me that quit being a thing?"

Yumi shook her head.

Rick lightly chuckled. J-67, as he was known to his counterparts, barely agreed to join the Citadel of Ricks. If the opposition wasn't so... "Rick", he would've been solo like C-137 or S-63, or even Ricki...but they were all such assholes! Which is saying a lot, when you're a Rick!

"What do you want?"

"I need your fingerprints."


"There's data on the Citadel I need to find."

"You realize the city's in ruins, right? I-I doubt you'll find what you're looking for."

"I have to try."

"Right." Rick smirked. "What's in it for me?"

Yumi's tentacles wrapped around Rick's neck.

"How about you get to live?"

"Nah." Rick said with little emotion on his face. "At this point, I welcome death."

"Well, what do you want?"


"Besides that." Yumi sighed.

"Revenge." Rick grinned. "You scratch my back, I scratch yours. The ruins are probably filled with pirates, soldiers, and... and these weird bugs th-that lay eggs up your asshole!"

<"It had to be a Rick."> Yumi thought to herself as she stood up. "Well then, let's get going."
"Happy Birthday, dear Phoebe...." A recording from ten years ago played on a damaged camera.

All around a redhead with blue eyes was rubble. The daylight was scarce in the badlands, but she enjoyed the distance from raiders. She wasn't exactly a people person.

"Happy birthday to you!" An image of a middle aged couple was seen hugging their ten year old daughter,

Emma and Jean looked so happy, it's a shame that year ended so horrible.

Phoebe Frost-Grey, with diamond skin, telekinesis, and telepathy, was a 20 year old nomad in the apocalypse. Dressed in a cloak that hid her wide hips and alluring figure, she was one of the most threatening sources left on the world. And all she wanted was a battery for her video camera.

"Still trying to keep your childhood, I see?" A familiar voice shouted at a distance. It was Oldman Summers, and his Brotherhood of Mutants.

He was once obsessed with Phoebe's Mom, Jean. The large reared redhead was once his, but that relationship burned with Emma and Jean raising a brood of kids.

Scott saw all of Jean's kids his as his own, even if only one actually was. Phoebe's older sister, Rachel. But with all of them dead, Scott sees Phoebe as his last living daughter and his legacy.

"Back off, Summers!" Phoebe yelled.

"Is that anyway to speak to your father?" Scott laughed.

"I don't have a dad, you nutjob, and I'm not joining your compound!"

"You will." Scott sighed. "It's been fun chasing you across the desert these past few years, but you need to grow up and return to civilization, sweetheart."

Phoebe laughed. The man wanted her barefoot and pregnant from one of his goons!

"You think that cage is Civilization?"

"It's the only place we've got. I've got the perfect suitor picked out for you, I can't keep this to myself anymore, I really want grandkids. That clock is ticking."

"Fuck off." Phoebe growled.

"This doesn't have to be difficult." Scott turned around starting at a muscular mutant with a muzzle and a man made of living mercury.

"Make sure she's in the jeep without a scratch, boys."
"I can't believe it's gone." Rick awed at the wreckage that was once one of the few inter-dimensional societies known in existence.

" I can't believe it lasted as long as it did." Yumi smirked.

"Where exactly is the access point?"

"No idea." Rick shrugged.


"I was a low-level, Citadel shit was a hobby to me. For other Ricks, it was a lifestyle! For shits sakes, Ricks lived here!"

"Alright, this might take longer than I was hoping..."
  1. Rick and Yumi run into trouble
  2. Phoebe fights off oldman Summers and his gang
  3. A reality where Superman and Wonder Woman have a teenage daughter
  4. Something else

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