Five Nights in Anime - The TG path

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Five Nights in Anime - The TG path

Parent Chapter

I was activated I look around to see I was in a cove I looked out to see thr rest on the main stage, I notice all the characters were female I though to myself "well that interesting." I go to foxy cove she open the cove before I spoke , she brought me in her cove , I asked her "foxy what are you doing" I said "nothing yet can I ask you something?" She asked "yeah what is it foxy" I said I see her blush " I like you " she said "o ummm ok why so fast I do like you back though" I said "I wanted to get to you before the other girls did" she said "o ok" I said. She kisses me on the cheek I blushed "what your name?" she said "prime" I said "nice to meet you " we both said at the same time, "Prime your going havee to go through a trial to become apart of the family" she said "ok lay it on me" I said, she takes rubs some paint of her breast to revel her nipples. She takes off her panties and throw it to the side , she jumps on me I get erected by this, she takes off my bow tie and buttons , she slowly take's off my pants reveling my penis , she slowly puts my penis in her vagina we both moan "you ready?" She said "yes" I said. She uses magic to give me nipples , she start to go up and down my penis, then she start to go faster and faster, few hours later she stops, she presses her breasts on my chest she kissed me as she hugs me, I felt that she was warm all over something shocked me. As I hugged her and kissed her back, she and I let go and she gets off of me and puts her panties back on, I grabbed my stuff and put it on "thank you for the fun sweetie" she said "thank you I guess" I said "your apart the family now" she said "ok " I said. I walked back to the cove I was in then a few days later of dating foxy on the 7th day I felt werid.

  1. turns into foxy
  2. turns into mangle
  3. turns into his female version

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