The Punishment - Daphne gives up her looks

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The Punishment - Daphne gives up her looks

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The chairman's eyes lit up.

"For too long, you have mocked others for their appearance, something they cannot help. Now, you will give your looks to one you spent your life tormenting!"

Daphne heard the door open behind her. She turned around to see a girl named Kaila Crawford walk through. Kaila and Daphne went to the same high school, where Daphne tormented her relentlessly for her looks. Kaila was a slim girl with very little figure. She had AA Cup breasts, narrow hips, a flat butt, and a pudgy body all around. The chairman beckoned to her.

"Come up here Kaila, and receive reparations for the crimes that have been inflicted upon you."

Kaila walked to a pedestal beside Daphne, then turned to her and smiled wickedly. The chairman cleared his throat.

"Now, how would you like to receive your reparations? Quickly, or slowly?"

  1. Quickly
  2. Slowly

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