Brain Drain Ring - Ordering the Ring

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Brain Drain Ring - Ordering the Ring

Stuart Allen knew that he wasn't the smartest boy in the world but even he couldn't believe how stupid online pop-up ads were getting.

“Increase your IQ with the newest in magical fashion accessories. For only $9.99 you can be the genius that you deserve to be with the Lentgan Corporation Brain Drain Ring™...” he read aloud.

“How dumb do they think I am? A magic ring that'll make you smarter?” he thought.

He was ready to close the ad when he noticed a free trial option for a month. It occurred to him that it didn't asked him for any details so he decide to click on the trial, hoping that it wasn't a virus.

His screen flashed for a moment when he suddenly heard a knock at the door.

When he checked the door he only found a small box with a note saying;

“We thank you for accepting our free trial. You are truly deserving of something more. This ring is capable of taking the intelligence and education from whomever you choose and can transfer it to yourself or another or you choosing. Please use wisely and remember that the Lentgan Corporation is in no way responsible for your actions.

~ Alistar Lentgan”

“Whoa” Stuart muttered in shock, “I wonder if this thing really works”

As he placed the ring on his finger it glowed and he could almost feel the magic radiating from himself.
  1. e decides to use it on his mother. He was sick of her constantly patronising him.
  2. He uses it on his straight A sister. We'll soon see how great she is if she can't read
  3. He takes it to school with him
  4. The smartypants neighbours usually look down on him. He'll show them
  5. Something else

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