New Leaf High School for Young Women - Daisy

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New Leaf High School for Young Women - Daisy

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Shrugging, Daisy flipped back her hood and nodded, giving a halfhearted wave of her hand. 'Didn't do this in my other school...' she thought to herself before speaking. "Hey! Name's Natalia. Charmed." she says with a smirk.
Miss Stanley cocks her brow, looking down to her clipboard. "Mmh... Isn't that your last name?" she corrects, Daisy's expression dropping to one of neutrality, almost annoyance. "Eh... Yeah. It's th' one I prefer to go by." Turning back to the class, she shrugs and smiles once more. "Call me Nat."
Smiling once more, Miss Stanley pats Daisy on the shoulder. "We'll be sure to. Whatever you're comfortable with, dear!" Daisy sighed, content. The last place she went had her go by Daisy... She didn't like the name. Too girly, she thought.
"Now, if you take your seat, we'll begin." Looking to the room, Miss Stanley spotted an empty desk, one surrounded by a group of students that... Seemed to be lacking in number. She directs the tomboy to it, who nods in agreement.
She didn't fear if she came across poorly; it didn't matter much what others thought about her... But, it seemed to go over well with the class. All smiles, they were. Some more wry than others. As she leaned back on her chair, a student nearby turned her way, beginning to greet her. " 'sup?" she asks with a nod.

  1. She's sitting with the bimbos.
  2. She's sitting with the punks.
  3. She's sitting with the goths.
  4. She's sitting with the nerds.
  5. She's sitting with the cheerleaders.
  6. She's sitting with the jocks.
  7. She's sitting with the stoners.
  8. She's sitting with the slovenly students.
  9. Something else.

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