Emma Frost's Institute for Gifted Youngsters - Emma fights what's happening

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Emma Frost's Institute for Gifted Youngsters - Emma fights what's happening

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"W-What is going on, Jean?" Emma whispered harshly. The redhead had her mind shields up, inhibiting Emma from using her powers...which, perhaps because of her younger age, seemed a little weak.

Jean smiled. "Are you playing with me, Em?"

Emma sighed, shaking her head. "No. This is just a dream, isn't it? My subconscious wanting to see that ass again." Emma tested her theory by pinching her arm, but nothing happened. The room she was standing in was rooted still.

"Come on, Em, we don't have time for this," Jean said, the joking tremor completely gone from her voice. She looked like she had sobered up a bit. She looked nervous.

"N-No...something is wrong," Emma said sternly. "You're...dead, Jean. And I could have stopped it...instead I made it worse."

Jean shook her head unsteadily. "Emma, do you want to lie down for a little while? I don't want to go into your brain but what you're saying isn't true. It sounds a little crazy. Are you sure you didn't smoke anything you weren't supposed to? I told you, you have to build up a tolerance..."

"I...I'm just a little confused right now. Maybe some food will help, though," Emma replied limply.

Jean nodded and smiled. "That's the spirit. Come on, Ivy made her special breakfast spread."

  1. Emma learns more about her new life over breakfast
  2. Emma has to handle an emergency
  3. something else

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