Emma Frost's Institute for Gifted Youngsters - To me, my Frost-Men

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Emma Frost's Institute for Gifted Youngsters - To me, my Frost-Men

Emma had recently ended her relationship with Scott, and it felt permanent. He just wasn't the same man she fell for. And honestly, she wasn't the same person either. Nor was the world they were living on, everything felt so chaotic for the mutant people.

She remembered she joined the X-Men, it felt like home. She thought of it as structure that would lead to a happy and fulfilling life. But all she's seen is death and destruction fueled by bigotry and even division within the X-Men!

"I can't keep doing this." Emma sighed, in a comfortable night shirt, atop a guest bed at Jean Grey's she assumed would be her permanent dwelling for the foreseeable future. "Is this all my life can be?"

As she went to sleep, a shadow lurked in her closet. Laughing at Emma's pouty disposition. She'd get her answer. She might even enjoy the change!
Emma awoke to the sun shining at her eyes, it bothered her immensely.

From what she recalled, the guest room had no windows. Yet, she found herself in a much more comfortable bed, with a window overlooking the campus.

But it wasn't Jean Grey's, it was clearly the old campus.

As Emma reached for her phone, she realized it wasn't there. Even stranger, the clothes in the closet were very retro. A style more set for the mid 60's.

"What's going on?" Emma questioned while changing into a modest version of her classic white dress. She was surprised to see her hair was cut shorter and styled more for the aforementioned decade.

"Ms Frost." A girl's voice knocked gingerly.

"Come in." Emma said, distressed about what was going on.

She was shocked to see Jean, dressed like a groovey young hippy with long, braided red hair.

Emma felt herself strangely attracted to her, but at the same time annoyed.

"The kids are ready for training, Em." Jean said slowly, her eyes bloodshot red, with a thicke skunky scent invading Emma's senses. Making her nose quintch.

"Also Harley and Ivy have breakfast made. Better hurry, I already got the bacon."

Who were Harley and Ivy? Why was Jean alive and so young. In fact, Jean and Emma both looked to be around in their mid twenties at best. Something strange was happening.

"Em? Not hungry?" Jean smiled. "Em?"

  1. Emma falls into her new role
  2. Emma fights what's happening
  3. A goofy Harley shows up with a tray of bacon for her leader
  4. Something

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