New Leaf High School for Young Women - Elanor

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New Leaf High School for Young Women - Elanor

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Stepping to the front of the classroom was the redhead, smiling nervously at the students, unsure of how to start. However she ultimately wanted to, however, it likely didn't go as she'd planned. "Uh... Hi. I'm Elanor Lawford... Glad to be here." she looked to the teacher, still nervously smiling, pleading her to take the spotlight.
"Glad to have you here, Miss Lawford." Miss Stanley responded over a few chuckles from around the room. "That's quite enough of that." she said, turning away from the new girl and waving her hand at the class. Though the grins didn't stop, the murmuring definitely had.
Looking to the room, Miss Stanley spotted an empty desk, one surrounded by a group of students that... Seemed to be lacking in number. "Now, please take your seat, and I'll start off the lesson."
Not wanting to stand up there much longer, Elanor nodded and moved toward her desk, trying to look at her surrounding classmates without seeming suspicious. They... Seemed friendly enough, one extending a hand and a greeting.
Smiling genuinely this time, she was glad to see that making friends in this school would likely be much easier than she initially thought... But what concerned her was if they'd make good ones. Ah, well... Que sera, sera.

  1. She's sitting with the bimbos.
  2. She's sitting with the punks
  3. She's sitting with the goths.
  4. She's sitting with the nerds.
  5. She's sitting with the cheerleaders.
  6. She's sitting with the jocks.
  7. She's sitting with the stoners.
  8. She's sitting with the slovenly students.
  9. Something else.

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