New Leaf High School for Young Women - Sadie

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New Leaf High School for Young Women - Sadie

Parent Chapter

Stepping to the front of the classroom was the blonde, smiling happily at the students, wanting to make a good first impression. "Hiya!" she announces, chipper, and with a short wave of her hand. "I'm Sadie Davis, from down south! Please to meet ya."
"Such enthusiasm!" Miss Stanley complimented with a brief session of light clapping. Some students followed, mainly in the front... The back seemed a bit less energetic. "And we're pleased to meet you."
Looking to the room, Miss Stanley spotted an empty desk, one surrounded by a group of students that... Seemed to be lacking in number. "Now, please take your seat, Sadie, and I'll start off the lesson."
Sadie smiled and nodded, moving toward the seat, though... She wasn't quite a fan of who she'd been lumped in with. Was the teacher doing this because she thought she looked like one of them? Surely not. Still grinning, she took her seat, looking at her closest classmates, who in turn smiled back at her.

  1. She's sitting with the bimbos.
  2. She's sitting with the punks.
  3. She's sitting with the goths.
  4. She's sitting with the nerds.
  5. She's sitting with the cheerleaders.
  6. She's sitting with the jocks.
  7. She's sitting with the stoners.
  8. She's sitting with the slovenly students.
  9. Something else.

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