No More Men - The X-Men are now the X-Women

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No More Men - The X-Men are now the X-Women

Parent Chapter

Wanda awoke to a strange smell in the air.

Was that cookies being baked?

As she walked into the kitchen, she was shocked to see trays of cookies of many types.

And strangest of all, a girl she was unfamiliar with... dressed like the Wolverine?

But she was even tinier than the surly Canuck! With long black hair and a tight bubble butt.

"Morning, sleepy head." The female Wolverine giggled.


"Logan? My names Jamie? You must be hungry, have a cookie! I made tons!"

"What's going on?"

"You feeling okay?" Jamie grabbed the woman's hand tightly.

"No... why aren't you a man?"

"What's a man?" Jamie raised an eyebrow." You must be tired! Have a cookie!"

  1. Wanda changes while eating cookies
  2. Wanda learns more about this world
  3. Something else

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