No More Men - Three little words

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No More Men - Three little words

Steve had done it again. It seemed every time she gave the soldier a chance, he ruined it. For the second time in a year, she had caught him cheating on her with Diana Prince - the busty "Wonderwoman" of the Justice League. What was even worse was the fact that neither of them seemed apologetic. Apparently, the two were made for each other.

Wanda was sitting in her bedroom, tears falling down her cheek in shiny rivers as she shed her red leotard and crown. The rest of the Avengers had tried to console the Scarlet Witch, but the woman didn't want to talk. All she wanted was a strong drink and a long soak in her bathtub.

Wanda pulled off her bra, releasing her big, heavy breasts. Every day the damn things pulled at her back but Steve had told her over and over again that he liked her flimsy leotard and strapless bra look, which of course provided absolutely no support. Like the submissive woman she was, Wanda agreed.

"Never putting that on again," Wanda muttered as she turned on the bath spigot. Hot water poured forth, mixing with the bubble bath the pretty brunette had also put in.

She walked over to her vanity, her thick thighs rubbing together mercilessly, and began taking off her makeup. "Fucking Steve, he's such a prick," she muttered. "And that Diana bitch...she's not even that pretty."

She tossed her soiled makeup removing wipe in the trash and went back over to the bath, her naked body tingling as the steam from the water touched her skin delicately. She swooned and stuck a foot in, testing the temperature, before sinking all the way in. A soft moan escaped her plump lips at the feeling of the hot water touching her sensitive nipples and pussy.

"Men, who fucking needs them," Wanda whispered harshly. "We'd be better off without them."

She sunk down further, letting her hair fan out in the water. Her big breasts defied gravity, their tips peaking out above the liquid. "No more men," she said in a very small voice. And then she closed her eyes.
  1. Steve Rogers wakes up in a very different body
  2. The X-Men are now the X-Women
  3. Bruce Wayne transforms in the bat cave
  4. Reed Richards greets his wife in the kitchen
  5. Tony Stark calls for an emergency meeting of all superheroes
  6. something else

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