Ghetto heroes - Ghetto heroes- the beginning

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Ghetto heroes - Ghetto heroes- the beginning

It had been almost 2 years since Batmite had combined the DC and Marvel worlds and was dismayed at how poorly his attempt at an action showdown had ended. "Bah, they were supposed to become enemies. The justice league and avengers will supposed to fight and have the greatest super hero showdown of all time! Then the winner could get to fight all the villains from both universes and it was supposed to be the sweetest battle ever! Instead the heroes banded together and kicked me out of their dimension forever!" He exclaimed to no one at all while back at home in the 5th dimension. But while Batmite was lamenting seemingly all alone he was actually being eavesdropped on by none other than Mr. Mxyzptik who designed his own plan to mess with the citizens of both dimensions at once. Mxy had given up on annoying earth after so many defeats but now that he knew the universe had change he decided it was time for his triumphant return. He thought long and hard on what to do before he finally devised his plan: All the superheroines and vilenesses of the universe would wake up as ghetto sluts some with their memory in tact and others believing that they had always been this way. And to make matters worse (or better in his case) all the men that tried to help "fix" the ghettoized women would find themselves becoming more ghetto themselves. With a snap of his fingers the world had changed and it was time to sit back and enjoy the show.

When Diana Prince woke up that fateful morning she looked out the window and saw the rundown urban downtown environment she normally woke up. (Wait, didn't she live in some rundown city right? She lived on a island. No, that's not right she's always lived here. Her mom even founded her own gang, the amazons, and they ruled this neighborhood.) She got on some of her most revealing clothes and then she then walked to the bathroom and checked herself in the mirror. What she say looking back at her were the same black skin and Afro she had always remembered. "Dayum!" She yelled back at the mirror. "I look dope as heeeeell. It's time ta go out and score me sum hunk of a stud cause I could use a good fuck but now"

As the new Diana was walking the streets she was paying attention to her phone and now blossoming social media life when she quite literally ran into Bruce Wayne who was starting a new community reach out program in the city where Diana lived. "Diana, is that you" asked Bruce to the familiar looking woman. "I saw Batwoman earlier and she doesn't know why she woke up black, do you know why this happened to you too?" "Who da fuck is Diana" she spat back at Bruce, "I'm Danisha Prince and I's always been Black. So unless you want a piece o dis ass richboy, you better get out o here" and with that she turned around and started leaving. "Wait Diana, I can help you" he yelled back but it was too late. Danisha was gone.
  1. Bruce catches up with Danisha
  2. What happened with Batwoman?
  3. Another heroine wakes up ghettoized
  4. A villainess wakes up ghettoized
  5. Something else

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