New Leaf High School for Young Women - Welcome to New Leaf High!

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New Leaf High School for Young Women - Welcome to New Leaf High!

Three girls stood before the towering, modern-looking building in the heart of Neoton... New Leaf High. The decision for all of them to enter this school in their senior year was sudden... It was only opened a few years ago, and was very selective in its choice of students... But for some reason, it picked them. Was it Coincidence? Fate? One was just as likely as the other. Their parents hardly gave it a second thought as they were invited to come... After all, it was arguably the highest-scoring school... Well, anywhere. Every one of the students graduated, in one way or another. How could they say no, even if the girls were in their senior year in their current schools. Now strangers to each-other and the regulars of New Leaf, they prepared to enter their new Alma mater. One girl entered from the back, parking lot entrance, another form the cafeteria, and the last from the front. None, however, knew which was the correct entrance, as the well-versed student body filtered in seemingly equally through all three.
Sadie was a tall-looking blonde from Texas, freckles layered sparsely across her tanned skin and a slight bit of extra weight, hardly accentuated by her baggy jeans and tank-top... Not so much as to make her overweight, but... She preferred the term 'Full'.
Elanor was a redhead with a modest height of five-foot-three, making a bee-line for her first class; more curious about the classes than the students. Originally from Washington, she was a bit dismayed at having to leave her close-kint group of pals back home for this... But, 'que sera, sera' she said. Her body was fairly waif-like, and she had a knack for the intellectual... But, wasn't that much of a genius or hard worker. She'd come from a fairly well-off family, and her expensive orange blouse and skirt denoted that to the onlooking students she passed.
Daisy was a brunette with a reputation as a bit of a tomboy, from out in the east coast. Hair short and athletic frame clad in cargo pants and a hoodie, she notably grimaced as a group of giggling cheerleaders passed by her... Oddly, still wearing their outfits at the start of the school day.
The three of them didn't have much in common, at the first glance... But, the were unique unto their own when compared to the students lining the hallways they ducked and weaves through, as if fighting an oncoming tide... They were all average. To the students, teachers, and cameras hanging from the ceiling: Malleable.
Two things were apparent to them all: first, there wasn't a man in sight. No student nor staff member was of the opposite sex, for a reason unbeknownst to them. The second... Well, was to be expected. There was a diverse swath of cliques throughout the student body, but what seemed odd to the three was that there was hardly any intermingling between them. Usually, there would be friends permeating them... But, none seemed apparent as they roamed the locker-strewn halls. Cheerleaders, Goths... Even the football team, tough as one would expect the male players they're used to to be, was completely filled with girls.
Resting in their first period classes, tossed about the school and separate from each-other, their teachers... Naturally, all women, began with an introduction, reading from cue cards.
"Welcome, students new and old of New Leaf High School." they began. "To those returning, we're glad to have you back for another wonderful year of learning here. To those first joining us; we're glad to have you begin!"
Miss Stanley set down her cue-card, a professional-looking woman in a suit, wearing dark makeup... And a smile, almost unbefitting of her attire. Adjusting her glasses, she tapped the board bearing her name and subject with a ruby-red nail. "With that said, I'm Miss Stanley... And you seem to be my English class. Charmed to meet you all. Now, the first order of business is out newcomer! We're selective here, you know, so we do have time to introduce out next victims." she says with a chuckle, a few giggles emanating from the class, some groans accompanying them. The teacher looks to the student by the door, unsure of where to sit in the packed classroom, filled with clearly established social circles.
"Well? Come in, dear." she offers, extending a hand. "Introduce yourself."
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