The Traveller - The Traveller Appears

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The Traveller - The Traveller Appears

The Traveller looked down at the crumpled piece of paper in his hand.

1300 NE Pembroke Ave.

That was the address he Agency had given him. It was a very nice, large house in the one of the nice secluded suburbs of the city. Inside would be one of his next clients, one of the member of the Barnes family. The Agency hasn't told him which one of them was the client, only telling him to use his best judgement.

He hated when they did stuff like that. Knowing who his client was made the job much more easier, allowing him to think of the Solution beforehand instead of having to make it up as he went. Plus it increased the probability of a happily ever after and he always enjoyed those.

Walking to the door he reached into his bag and grabbed his portfolio. He rang the doorbell and scanned the names of the family members. David was the father and was a successful attorney at a firm in the city. His wife, Audrey, was a teacher and mother of their three children. Cara was the eldest and a junior at the local high school. Tyler was the middle child and in the 8th grade. The youngest child was Ally and would be turning 10 in the next week. All the information the Traveller had gone over in the car ride was finally coming back to him.

The front door had begun to open and the Traveller looked up from his portfolio. Standing in the doorway was...
  1. Audrey, the mother
  2. David, the father
  3. Cara, the eldest daugher
  4. Tyler, the son
  5. Ally, the youngest daughter
  6. Someone else

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