Ultimate Octo-Girl Sea Warriors - Does whatever an Octopus can

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Ultimate Octo-Girl Sea Warriors - Does whatever an Octopus can

Jumping through the City, with her mutated tentacles, the local hero, Octo-Girl, was in a rush to get home before curfew.

Citizens awed at the cute vigilante charging above. Even with Jameson's daily attacks on her with the news, she was generally loved by the people.

<"Why is Mrs Rogers so strict?">The Japanese exachange student struggled to understand, in her green and yellow full body costume. <"How can be a superhero with an eleven o'clock curfew?">

At Eighteen, she was anxious to be done with High School, and the stern mother figure, Stevie Rogers. In her youth, the sexy but well respected Captain America; now, a Shield agent that trains new heroes and treats them obsessively like her kids.

"Hey, Calamari Head!" A mocking voice flew from a silver surf board.

"I'm busy, Norrin." Yumi said sternly with her thick accent, which the alien loved to mock.

"Is Mommy Stevie gonna punish her adopted daughter?" Norrin smirked. "Those were the days! I never had a Mom till Mrs Rogers, what an experience! Does she still lecture with that eerie maternal voice?"

"Yes..." Yumi sighed. "You and Alexa are so lucky you've graduated from Shield Academy! Captain America is too much!"

"Speaking of, care to assist me?" The Silver Surfer begged. "We got reports of Lady Arachnida lurking at the old Stacy Lab in Midtown."

Yumi shrugged with disapproval.

She hated fighting Doctor Gwen Stacy-Watson. She was too... sympathetic to harm.

Gwen was once a well-respected scientist, who assisted Shield with many projects, and was happily married to the talented Actress, Mary-Jane Watson. Together, they raised a beautiful young girl they adopted named Penny Parker. She would've been Yumi's age. But a terrible accident robbed her of a future.

"You know I hate dealing with Gwen." Yumi stated firmly while continuing her route home.

"I know." The Silver Surfer sighed. When Yumi first came to America, Penny was her first friend she made. She practically lived at the Stacy-Watson dwelling.

She cared a lot about Doctor Gwen... but seeing the twisted spider-beast she's become, obsessed with revenge, it became a challenge to be around that shell of a woman.

"Do you really need my help?" Yumi stoped, hanging from billboard with her purple tentacles suctioned on Jameson's face.

"Of course I don't." Norrin laughed. "It's Gwen, I could take her easily. But I don't want to fight her. I thought maybe you could..."

"She can't be reasoned with." Yumi said bluntly.

"We need to try." Norrin place a hand on the young heroine's shoulder. "I don't believe Gwen is truly gone. You shouldn't either. We can't give up on her."

Yumi did her best not cry. She always got emotional thinking about the peppy brunette that died in her arms.

"Alright." Yumi mumbled. "But if I'm late for curfew, you're telling Mrs Rogers!"
  1. Lady Arachnida in her lair
  2. Mrs Rogers, upset her ward isn't home yet
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