That Which We Hate - The Tennants

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That Which We Hate - The Tennants

Looking from afar, the Steerling Suites apartment complex seems like any other well to do location. Deep in the heart of the urban downtown and shopping district, the glass and steel post modern structure jutts high into the air, making notable impact on the city skyline. Having only opened its doors a month ago, the wealthiest of the elite tried desperately to reserve a lease or sale for themselves. But, oddly enough, the building manager told everyone that came his way with such offers that there were no vacancies.

That's impossible, most would say. The building is brand new! There must be more to this.
And indeed there is. For like a mystical prize, various people from across the country, from all walks of life for good or bad, started to find invitations in the mail, offering residency in the illustrious building. Those that we're tempted soon found job offers and life in general taking a turn for the better, all to entice them into accepting.

So here are the rules, or perhaps more reasonably put, my intended guidelines:

-The building curses anyone that takes ownership of an apartment. Each apartment has its own distinct curse (whatever the writer wants though try to keep it consistant with each individual curse, whatever it may be) that takes the owners of that apartment and change their reality, minds, bodies, fortune, history, personality, IQ, etc into whatever the curse's outcome is. It is up to the writer how much these characters may or may not be aware of what is happening to them.

-As the owners change, so does the apartment interior. Eventually when the curse is complete the apartment will have changed into an entirely new location independent from the original complex that fits with the curses theme. When this happens someone new may move into that apartment.

-Anyone that first enters an otherwise unoccupied apartment becomes both the owner of the apartment and the curse it brings. In theory this could be a legitamate, illegitimate, or unintended individual(s). Once an owner is found they will remain said owner until the transformation is complete.

- The apartment's transformation is complete when the owner(s) have been displaced fully into a new reality with the intended transformation from the beginning fulfilled.

- Once the curse begins the apartment will endeavor to keep the tennant(s) inside as long as possible. If the tennant escapes the apartment the curse will worsen significantly and the tennant will find themselves back inside somehow with a worsened/ exaggerated fate.

- Unless you are trying to leave it deliberately open, please label the basic transformation theme in your chapter title when starting a new character arc for the sake of consistency. Try to keep it informative for future contributors but open enough to allow others to input their creativity.

I hope you all either find a spark of inspiration to write something here, or at least a fun thread to read as time goes on. :)
  1. A young couple eager to take advantage of this unexpected opportunity.
  2. A recent college graduate looking to make a change in their life.
  3. A trust fund adult that bought out the invitation from the intended owner.
  4. A thief that trying to break into the building.
  5. A visitor that accidentally walks into an empty apartment.
  6. Something else!

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