From James to Jessica - James Smith: The New Girl on Campus

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From James to Jessica - James Smith: The New Girl on Campus

James wasn't sure why his Mom sent him to boarding school his Junior year of High School, it's not like he misbehaved or had bad grades. James was always an honor student with great friends with a great future ahead of him. But one day in the middle of the summer, James' Mom caught him off guard as he was tanning his pasty skin in the hot sun. “No sun of mine is joining the football team." She yelled at her blonde haired sun with a perfect 4.0 grade point average after recieving a call from his school's coach. “But it would look good on a college application!" James defended. “That's it, young man." She said upset. “You're going to Ambridge Acadmy now, they'll fix your weird desire to play such a barbaric sport." James wasn't sure if he'd like Ambridge, but then he saw that there were far more girls at the school then guys. “I think I might like this place." James smiled as he walked to his dorm room at checked out all the nice tail around. Little did he know this year, was going to be one of great change for the unsuspecting bloke.
  1. Before going inside, his dorm advisor (Veronica) has a chat with him
  2. Before going inside, he decides to get something to eat at the cafeteria
  3. He's tired, he wakes up a few hours later feeling different
  4. He meets roommates who are second and or third year girls, he starts to behave differently
  5. He checks in and for some reasons signs in as Jessica Smith
  6. He meets a hot girl named Rebecca who asks him to hangout with her
  7. He meets a group of new guys who are new to the school also and decide to hangout at the rec room

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