The Wicked Stepmother - The Reading of the Will

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The Wicked Stepmother - The Reading of the Will

Lucy Hewitt walked through the door of the large and very old manor house her family had owned for generations. Closing her eyes briefly, she pushed back the flood of happy childhood memories and concentrated on the task at hand. The reading of her father's will.

Lucy had rarely spoken to her father since she had left for university aged 18. Shortly after mother her mother had died, when Lucy was just 16 years old, her father Frank had moved in his mistress Angela. Lucy had been furious to find out that her loving family unit had been a charade and that her father had been carrying on with the wife of his Golf club's chairman all the time her mother had been sick. The next two years had been a nightmare as she watched this superficial gold digger worm her way into her fathers life despite Lucy's protests.

The last straw had been when her father had tried to force her to be a bridesmaid at their wedding, threatening to cut her off from the family's (substantial) wealth if she refused. Lucy would have none of it and she left home with only the clothes on her back. She paid her own way through university, studying Fasion & Businuss and, after finishing her degree, had moved to London.

Lucy had been understandably upset when she heard of her father's passing, but had been surprised to be called to the will reading. She never expected to receive anything after Angela had got her claws in. Nor was she particularly bothered. At 24, Lucy was now successful in her own right as a buyer at a high-end boutique retailer in Chelsea. But here she was and she was keen to get it over with so that she could return to London and get on with her life. Lucy had recently began dating Chris, a investment fund manager. Chris knew nothing of today or her families wealth and that's the way she wanted it to stay.

Stopping briefly at a hall way mirror, Lucy straightened the smart and respectable black dress she wore, which accented her pert breasts and nicely shaped behind, without looking tarty . At 5'5'' she had inherited most of her mothers pretty looks, with long and lush chestnut hair and dark brown eyes setting off her porcelain skin. Lucy took good care of herself, living healthily with plenty of exercise. Sighing Lucy summoned the courage to step into the drawing room where the will would be read.

Lucy's eyes narrowed as she saw that Angela was already there and her full hatred of the woman came rushing back to her. Angela was 44 years old and slightly taller than Lucy. Her figure was slim and wilowy, with the exception of her boobs which were clearly fake, being much too large for her figure and much too pert for her age. Her hair was coloured platinum blonde and piled high on her head in a bee-hive style. Once naturally beautiful, her face now had the waspish look of someone who had too many Botox treatments and chemical peels, which hadn't quite managed to vanquish the crows feet and multitude of fine wrinkles around her mouth, the result of years of smoking. Her face was heavily made up and her skin tanned. A womanly desparately trying to hang on to her youth.

"Lucy, Darling, how lovely to see you!" Angela gushed in her slightly nasally and husky smokers voice. Angela trotted over on heels that were far too high for her, wearing an expensive looking white dress with gold embroidery, far too short and revealing for the solemn occasion. Angela theatrically air-kissed either side of Lucy's faced and looked her up and down with the supercilious smirk she permanently wore. She always looked like she knew something Lucy didn't.

"Angela, you look.....well" Lucy replied with undisguised chill in her voice.

"We'll of course I do Darling!" Angela replied happily, rummaging through her purse to fish out her ciggarettes "Your bore of a father has finally popped his clogs and I'm about to inherit a fortune!" She laughed and lit a cigarette.

"You're smoking in the house..." Lucy replied through gritted teeth.

"Oh where are my manners! Would you like one Darling?" Angela replied sarcastically and offered the pack to her.

"Of course not. I hate smoking and so did my father, he would never let you smoke in the house!"

"Oh Darling, after you left there were many changes around here" Angela stuck out her surgically enhanced chest "I'm afraid you father had to make a few concessions before I would agree to getting these monsters" she whispered in mock conspiracy to Lucy "I just never told him, that I really wanted the tits anyway!" She laughed at Lucy's disgusted expression.

The solicitor walked in and nodded at them. "Ladies, shall we begin?"

"Come now Lucy Sweetie, lets see what your father left you. Now doubt, it's those tatty dolls of your mothers that are still in the attic" Angela laughed her haughty laugh and minced over to take a seat. Lucy followed angrily, but said nothing. She just wanted this over so she could get out of here.

The solicitor cleared his throat. "I Frank Hewitt, being of sound mind and body, leave my entire estate to my precious daughter Lucy Hewitt, who has worked so hard to make it on her own and made me so very proud. She truly deserves the family fortune, much more than I ever did. My only request is that my wife Angela is allowed to live in our family home "Hewitt Manor" for as long as she wishes and that she is paid the weekly pension I have arranged for her so that she may enjoy comfortable in the lifestyle she has become accustomed to..."

"WHAT!" Angela screeched "He left it all to this little bitch! How dare he!" She fumed. Lucy was astounded. She hadn't expected any of this! She had not wanted any of this! But then again, with this wealth she could do anything....even set up her own fashion house! It was all too much to think about.

Meanwhile, Angela rose to her feet and trotted angrily to the door, trailing cigaetette smoke and turning one last time to give Lucy a seething look of hatred. "You think you've won' don't you? You little thief! Well I'm going to make you regret crossing me!" With that Angela marched out, slamming the heavy oak door behind her...

What does Angela do to Lucy....
  1. 'Turnabout' Angela swaps bodies with poor Lucy
  2. 'Identity Theft' Angela swaps lives with poor Lucy (bodies stay the same, but people see them as each other)
  3. 'A Slow Revenge' Lucy finds herself slowly turning into Angela over the next few weeks.
  4. 'Servitude' Angela magically enslaves Lucy
  5. 'A Change of Fortune' Angela transforms Lucy into someone else
  6. More Choices

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