A change in Girl - That first class...

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A change in Girl - That first class...

It was a cold, grey kind of Monday. The kind that keeps you in bed for an extra ten minutes, that makes you that little bit late for class.. Or at least it was that kind of a Monday for Matt Clarke. He was a fair haired guy, scruffy looking and unshaven with that awkward teenage 'pube beard', baggy jeans, a disappointingly unfunny funny T-shirt and red converse trainers in size 13, despite him only being 5"7ft tall.

As he walked into his new classroom he was struck by one girl sitting in the centre of the room. She was strikingly pretty, with chestnut hair, deep brown eyes and a flawless complexion, and she was his lab partner!

After several lessons of trying to 'chat her up', Matt began to realise that many other guys and a number of girls were also deeply attracted to her, and with his awkwardly crooked nose, bad posture and frizzy hair he was hardly going to be on her top ten list... Or any list for that matter.

So that evening Matt drove down the dark, muddy lane towards a small, remote town miles away from Colton. His yellow bug puttered to a stop outside an old looking bakery, where he knew he'd find what he needed.

He opened the door, knowing that it wouldn't be locked, and as he entered the lights around the dank wooden room illuminated gently. "So what is it now young Clarke" rang a voice from the darkness, echoing slightly due to its surprising emptiness "uhh... Hmm, I had a... Er" he muttered, fumbling about with his rucksack "never mind! I know why you have come... It's why you always come! To control some girl into loving you!" The voice echoed bluntly, he nodded, "very well, but this one will be more of a test of your will than the last, I wish you luck!"

The very next day Matt walked into the room, noticing little change in the girl except a touch more eyeliner than usual. She chatted away to him as usual, though oddly the conversation centred more around bleaching her hair than anything else, something she'd apparently wanted to do for awhile.

At the end of the class, he eyed her as she stood up and was surprised to see a larger butt than he remembered... And wasn't that a pair of black sweatpants she was wearing?

Over the next few weeks he noticed a few more changes in the girl, her face was now covered in makeup and orangey foundation, she wore much thicker eyeliner and stenciled her eyebrows. She'd also part bleached, part shaved her hair, leaving her looking like a designers worst nightmare, and he noticed on closer inspection zits covered by her makeup, lining her face.

She had also gotten kinda chubby of late, seeming to do little but eat and this was reinforced by her growing body odour which radiated from her brightly coloured tracksuits.

She had also been struggling in classes, her grades plummeting from Bs to Es in most subjects, also seemingly having lost her ability to think about anything else except food, makeup, sex and casual nastiness. She had turned from a sweet, pretty girl into a fat, rude, dirty and actually slightly less attractive girl... As Matt had observed, her nose had gotten a little wider.
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