Geeky X-Girl - Geek Queen

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Geeky X-Girl - Geek Queen

Amanda Pit was a 206 pound nerd from Toronto with a greasy face covered in zits, large thighs loaded with cellulite, a hug pot belly, small breast, and the biggest pair of glasses you'd ever see. One day in school, after being picked on by a group of cheerleaders for her odor, her x-gene kicked in and she soon realized she could partially warp reality. Just by a thought she turned all the cheerleaders into over weight geeks who were terrified to even speak to a boy that wasn't related to them. It was at that moment that Amanda dawned the name Geek Queen, and decided to make the world better for not only mutants; but for geeks like her self.

Who does her transform first?
  1. Ema Frost
  2. Kitty Pride
  3. Jubilee
  4. Dazzler
  5. Psylocke
  6. Rouge
  7. Dust
  8. Pixie
  9. X-23
  10. Storm
  11. More

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