Naughty DC Sissies - Secret kisses between Clara and Lexie

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Naughty DC Sissies - Secret kisses between Clara and Lexie

The two figures entwined together on the coach, passionately showering each other's faces with kisses as they explored over inch of each other's smooth bodies.

"Ooooo! OOOO! Oh, darling! Oh, sweetie! Mmmmm, give me a squeeze! Just like that!"

Suddenly the other one pushed her lover away.

"What's wrong?" Clara Lane asked.

"I dunno," Lexie Luthor sighed. "Ms. Lane isn't just your spouse. She's my boss. If she finds out what we've been up to--"

"But I'm booooored!" Lois Lane's sissy trophy wife whined. "C'mon, Lo-Lo is out on a business trip, and she's left me all alone in this big ol' house."

"Your maid--"

"Jamie? That little sissy's not gonna tell anyone. C'mon, Lexie, don't you want me?"

The rich, pampered sissy fluttered her long lashes at Lexie.
  1. Lexie is still too nervous
  2. She decides to give Clara what she wants
  3. Jamie is listening to them from behind the door, the sissy maid desperately beating off
  4. How is Lois' business trip coming along?
  5. Something else

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