Slob city - intro

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Slob city - intro

Scolb city was a freshly build community around the texas state highway 45, it was built with the intention to work on its own: residential area with houses and apartments on the west and activity area with offices and malls on the east. But that freshly made city quickly saw the drawbacks of modern day society, the well paid sedentary jobs were close to the multiple cheap fast foods, the proximity of the residential area made every restaurant deliver faster and cheaper than anywhere else, the city build for easy access gave close to no downside to extreme obesity and quickly developed a mentality where laziness and binge eating where perceived as the most respectable way to support the local economy.

Fat and lazy people found their kingdom while healthy people left the city in droves scared by the negative influence that city had on them. Which increased the echo chamber mentality and gave a bad name to the whole city, while leaving attractive job opportunities to everyone who wasn’t afraid of unabridged gluttony.

Left in a bubble apart from the world, the “slob city” kept growing and started having its fair share of wild rumors and urban legends. They say this city pushed obesity beyond anything anyone ever seen, they say that men left the city and that it’s mostly inhabited with enormous single women, they say that most of the inhabitants pushed their laziness into poor personal hygiene, they say that the water system is so poorly maintained that the running water gives terrible diarrhea, some say that men didn’t left the city but where shrunken by something…

Regardless of those crazy rumors, people are still coming to the city, attracted by jobs paid way above average, among them:
  1. Mary, a life helper who despite hating fat people, decided to come to scolb city
  2. William, a cook who heard that fast food jobs were paid a lot more
  3. Thomas, a plumber who was called for multiple plumbing issues
  4. Charlie, who just came here to hit on fat chicks

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