Marvel Super Weirdness - The Fabulous Four versus the Fearsome Four

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Marvel Super Weirdness - The Fabulous Four versus the Fearsome Four

"Okay, so what's the deal, boss?" Ms. Magician asked.

"The Brute has stolen a device called the Dimension Spike. Apparently she intends to use it to move Earth into the Negative Zone," Dr. Doom said over the intercom.

"Don't worry, Doc, we'll kick her tail!" Hydro-Girl laughed.

They were the Fabulous Four, a team of girls who had been recruited by the heroic Dr. Doom to fight a wide variety of menaces:
-his protege Bernice "Bernie" Witman, better known as Ms. Magician, a technological genius and creator of her anti-gravity pods.
-Trapstress, Petra Petruski, who liked wearing lots of black leather & purple leather and trapping people in lots of different ways.
-Hydro-Girl, Marnie Bench, a super-hot nymph of a girl who could turn herself into water.
-Beach-Babe, Wilma Baker, a super-busty, super-bubbly bimbo and probably their toughest member.

They liked to party and protect the world, especially from conquerors such as the Fearsome Four. Four older power-hungry women who resented the youth and exhuberance of the much younger Fabulous Four:
-the savage She-Hulk, horniest there is!
-the lazy Medusa, who was so fat because she used her hair to do everything for her, even walk!
-the sadistic Crystal, who took far less care of her toys than the kinky Trapstress,
-and their leader the Brute, formerly Susan Storm, who had formed the Fearsome Four after strange raditiation had affected her rocket ship, turning herself into a huge purple mound-of-muscle, and her three companions (Reed, Ben, and Johnny) into three easily dominated toys.

"Let's show these big ol' bitches how the new generation does things!" Hydro-Girl laughed.
  1. Fabulous Four versus Fearsome Four
  2. Dr. Doom cautions them about being too careless
  3. Fearsome Four has been having some fun in their HQ
  4. See how another transformed person is doing
  5. Something else

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