The magic diary - The discovery

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The magic diary - The discovery

When Kimberly was cleaning the attic together with her dad she found a dusty box with the name of her past away mom on it. Curious of what was inside, she put it to the side for later. Now that the two are done they have gone downstairs to the kitchen and sat down at the dining table. Looking through all the photo’s and other stuff, an old leather book of some sort caught Kimberly’s eye. She took it out and examined it with her dad. “I don’t recognize this book.” He said while frowning. It didn’t say anything on the cover, but when I opened it up revealing the first page it said ‘Diary’ in fancy letters. But that was the only thing written in it, nothing else was ever written in it. “Do you want to have it?” Her father asked. “Really?!” Kimberly asked her father. “Yeah, now you can write down your feelings and adventures.” He said smiling.
That evening Kimberly decided to begin writing in her new diary. She grabbed a pen and the diary and began writing on the first empty page. ‘Dear diary,’ But to her surprise the letter she just clearly wrote down, disappeared in front of her eyes. Confused by what just happened she drew a stripe in on the paper, but that disappeared too. Scared and shocked she trows away the diary, but then a paper flies out of the diary and falls gently on the floor next to the diary. Kimberly stands up from her bed and walks towards the paper. It’s an old looking paper with fancy writing on it. It says, ‘If you find this diary you need to know that it’s not an usual diary. Every letter you write down disappears in seconds, however this diary does bring your wishes to live.’ At first Kimberly found it hard to believe such a thing exists, but she did just witnessed her letters disappearing. So she carefully picked up the diary and sat back onto her bed. She grabbed her pen and wrote down a wish…
  1. 'I wish I was older.'
  2. 'I wish I was populair'
  3. 'I wish I was rich'

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