DC Hero Switch - Bizarra tries to save Arianna

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DC Hero Switch - Bizarra tries to save Arianna

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"Your behavior is inappropriate." Ultra-Girl halted SuperGal as she was flying towards a yogurt shop.

"Bizarra, quit being such a meanie!" SuperGal pouted. "My bestie and I were just getting some froyo!"

"Help me!" Arianna whispered under her breath, with her exposed booty hanging in the air. It was so cold and humiliating! Why couldn't Clara like Selena Gomez?

The truth was, Bizarra was really trying to be nice to Clara. The girl was messed up in the head. Her grasp on reality was pitifully demented. She also knew, SuperGal could easily use her hostage like a bat and break her skull.

"That's all you want?" Bizarra sighed.

"And maybe watch Finding Dory afterwards." Clara smiled. "And I really need new boots. Oh, and..."

"Arianna has a busy schedule, Clara." Bizarra said calmly. "Yogurt and maybe a movie if she wants. Is that okay?"

Clara was very upset. She was so excited about hanging out with such a cool pop star. Her clone could be so lame!

"Um... If Bizarra comes, I'll watch Finding Dory." Arianna whimpered.

"You don't have to..."

"Yay!" Clara chirped. "Girls night out! The Injustice Bitches never play with me!"

"Wonder why!" Arianna and Bizarra thought to themselves.
"President Luthor, how stupid!" A Middle Aged Poison Ivy made her paunchy belly jiggle at the idea.

"Better than Lane." Her pear-shaped wife, Harley Quinn, pointed out. Shaking around her naked, cellulite riddle, pasty body around their bedroom.

"But he's such a womanizer!"

"Lane has a warehouse filled with sissies and is probably SuperGal's mom, that's way worse, honey!" Harley laughed while trying on a very tight red and black dress. "You're just upset your campaign tanked!"

"Is Bizarra home yet?" Pam moaned.

"SuperGal kidnapped another celebrity."

"But the reservation is at seven!"

"Wow, that was pretty yuppy." Harley giggled.

"It's our daughter's belated birthday dinner!"

"Slippery slope, puddin." Harley tissed. "Kinda glad you lost. Start taking about galas and yachts and eventually I'd leave your sexy bench of an ass!"
"Ooh, and I want gummy bear, and skittles, and Swedish fish!" Clara jumped around al excited.

"Thank you." Arianna smiled in the booth with her plain now of vanilla.

"She's... Well, she's not the worst Injustice Girl to deal with." Bizarra laughed. "Just be happy it wasn't Princess Wonder, you'd be dead by now."

"Would Clara had... Done anything to me? I heard Batbrat is very rapey."

"SuperGal is a virgin." Bizarra smiled. "She has no interest in 'adult stuff'." She made air quotes with her long fingers. "She just wanted to play with you."

"Thank God." Arianna smiled. "After what happened to Justin Bieber, I was planing on retiring."

"You mean Slut Boy?" SuperGal slid in. "He's so gross! His dick is always hanging out in the lair. I hate dicks! They're so icky!"

  1. SuperGal chats up Arianna Grande
  2. Lois Lane is upset her daughter isn't with the league
  3. Batbrat wants some kitty on her lap
  4. Ivy and Harley get a call from Lex Luthor
  5. something else

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