DC Hero Switch - Injustice Gang causing trouble!

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DC Hero Switch - Injustice Gang causing trouble!


The crowd of fans surged towards pop star Arianna Grande, eager for autographs.

"Okay," she said. "Don't worry. I'll have time for everyone to--"

Then with a shriek and a burst of wind, she seemed to vanish.

In actual fact, Arianna was being pulled through the air by a giggling girl dressed in a powder blue outfit with pink booties, cape, and shorts, and whose long black pigtails were whipping behind her head as she flew.

Arianna twitched as she recognized the big pink "S" spread across the teen girl's pert titties.

"Arianna, I'm, like, your biggest fan!" Supergal giggled. "We're, like, gonna be best buds, right?"

The pop star stared down at the ground far, far below her. She didn't want to antagonize one of the most powerful and scatterbrained supervillains in the world.

"S-sure, best buds," Arianna said.

"Awesome possum!" Supergal giggled. "The rest of the Gang is gonna be, like, soooo jealous!"

* * *

A young nerdy girl with tangled black hair, a blotchy face, and big black glasses was shuffling towards class when her communicator beeped.

"Yeah, Daddy?" she mumbled.

"There's been a kidnapping. It's one of the Injustice Gang."



The nerd sighed as she rushed into a closest and quickly changed.

Soon, a dark green & orange shape was streaking across the sky. She was an imperfect clone of Supergal, who preferred to be called "Ultra-Girl," but who Supergal called "Bizarra" (bitch!). Because her eyes were so poor, she needed to wear glasses or goggles all the time. She had most of Supergal's powers, but was nervous and nerdy where Supergal was self-confident and spoiled.

The Injustice Gang of America, seven spoiled teenage villainesses who thought the world was their personal playground. Supergal, Princess Wonder, Flashy, and all the rest.

Ultra-Girl sighed. It was Supergal who pissed her off the most, especially as that meanie kept reminding Ultra-Girl who was the original and who the clone. But she certainly wasn't the worst.

* * *

Selina Kyle sighed as she sunk into her chair. Though she'd been at it for a while, and was both plumper and quite a bit older than when she started, she was still the most successful prostitute in Gotham.

"Hey, where's my protection money, pussy?"

Selina whimpered as a stiletto knife pressed against her check.

"C'mon, puss? Are you holding out on me?" Batbrat cooed as the goth teen rubbed her body against Selina's ample frame. She ran her tongue with its silver studs across Selina's trembling cheek.

"N-no, ma'am," Selina whimpered.

"Good. You wouldn't like to piss me off."

Selina didn't have to be told twice. Two-Face, Joker, Clayface, Ms. Freeze... they were all victims of Batbrat's sadistic sense of humour. Deformed in all sorts of horrible ways.

"Now, pussy, before I get my money, let's start with my bonus," the goth villainess snickered. "Pussy's sweet, sweet pussy."
  1. Batbrat has some fun with that old pussy
  2. Bizarra tries to save Arianna
  3. Supergal chats with her new best bud
  4. Check on another member of the Injustice Gang
  5. Something else

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