The Adventures of Harley and Ivy Quinn - Meet Grey Justice

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The Adventures of Harley and Ivy Quinn - Meet Grey Justice

Harley Quinn and Ivy were having a normal day... Robbing banks, stealing clothes, messing with dirtbags because it was funny. Until they spotted some strange guy in a Kabuki mask.

"You some kind of new villain?" Harley giggled.

"Nope." The masked man laughed. "Kind of an Anti-hero."

Pulling out a staff from his pocket, which surprised the girls, he said a spell and everything went black.

"The names Grey Justice." The masked man laughed in the abyss. "I just reduced the crime in our world by two. Have fun in your new lives!"
An alarm went off.

Harley woke up first, annoyed by the sound. But the bed was strangely comfy.

Ivy was still fast asleep. Wait... Ivy? What's going on?

"Ivy?" Harley yelled. "Holy shit what happened to you?"
  1. Harley and Ivy were transformed into a middle aged married couple
  2. Ivy is now Harley's husband
  3. Ivy is now a cougar Harley's sissy lover
  4. Ivy is now a middle aged woman and Harley is now her sissy lover
  5. something else

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