Alchemist's Revenge - Brianna Begins

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Alchemist's Revenge - Brianna Begins

(This story is inspired by Sysop's wonderful story "Sexual Alchemy")

Brianna Davidson was tired of being invisible. Ever since high school, she had been as eye-catching as her school's beige paint. She stood 5'6", with thin brown hair and brown eyes. She was lean, with a flat stomach but an equally flat ass and chest. Her eyes, a dull brown, were often obscured by black, plastic rimmed glasses. Anything but the tightest jeans slipped of her bony hips, and her chest rarely reached into a B cup. She was passably smart, but not witty enough to make scintillating conversation. In short, she was a nobody. Brianna may have done well at many other high schools, but hers seemed to be filled to capacity with girls with bigger brains, bigger butts, and bigger boobs. She was a Small in an XL world.

Though her mother and friends had always insisted she would "sprout" or "grow into herself" in college, Brianna discovered that quite the opposite was true. Things only got worse in college. She didn't grown any taller. She didn't gained any cup sizes. Worse, she gained 10 pounds. The weight settled around her hips, hanging over her jeans in two unflattering humps. If she had been invisible before, now she was a ghost. A boring, weight gaining ghost surrounded by gorgeous blondes in cut offs, stretching the university logo tight across their enormous tits.

That was at least until she found a dog-eared copy of the book "101 Alchemy Recipes for the Novice" at the back of her campus' library. Curious, she had taken the book home for some light reading between Calculus and Macroeconomics. She thought the book was a joke until she mixed a dye potion from the first chapter. It turned her hair a brilliant shade of red, which she decided to adopt permanently.

After that, it was time to cook. In high school, she had been hopeful that the future would bring better things. Today, she was bitter, and bent on revenge. She was a fiery redhead now, after all. If the world was going to improve for her, it had better get a lot worse for the DD Gestapo first.

With a smirk on her lips, Brianna downed the first potion in her bag- an invisibility potion. The irony was not lost on her. Still, if she was going to make some real changes, she was going to need to move unseen. The potion made her feel tingly all over, as if her limbs were all falling asleep all at once. She looked down. She could still make out the faint outline of her body and the satchel of potions slung over her shoulder, but she was practically transparent.

Brianna patted the bursting bag of potions. Today was a good day, she decided. The first order of business was to decided what to do first.

Where should she go?
  1. A house party
  2. A building on campus
  3. A bar
  4. More options

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