Mutant Dimension Travelers in the Marvel Universe - She tries to live Christine Xander's life

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Mutant Dimension Travelers in the Marvel Universe - She tries to live Christine Xander's life

Parent Chapter

It had been a difficult month. Luckily for Charlie, her powers were perfectly intact. She had Christine's entire life summed up by her new parents.

Apparently, Christine was an honor student, a volunteer at the hospital, she even had an internship at Stark Industries? Wait, Toni Stark? Boy, it's a strange universe she's stuck in.

But being the kid to two loving parents, who weren't obsessed with murder and sex, it was everything Charlie dreamed she had. It almost felt fake.

Being called Christine, that was pretty weird. With a little suggestion, everyone who new the girl now calls her Charlie. Less of a mind fuck that way. Waking up to her new mom making pancakes, her Dad driving her to school, and a little brother that bugs her is making her start to think of this place as home.

"I must say, you're adjusting to this universe very well." Thanos appeared.

"Who are you?" Charlie, who was looking at some porn on her bed, asked surprised.

"Kind of your God." Thanos smiled. "You see, the world you're from was a little game I made. But you, you were one of my favorites! So when, you died, instead of letting your soul go into the afterlife, I helped you out and let you come here."

"For a new game?" Charlie glared."I'm not interested."

"You will be." Thanos laughed. "Your soul isn't the only one I've liberated. I think you know this person quite well. She did raise you, after all."

"Empress Storm is here? She's a pyscopath!"

"I know!" Thanos smirked. "I can't wait to watch you fight her!"

"Wait, I've been researching this Earth. Storm is a good person here. An X-man. Do they know you switched her?"

"Nope. Your clever mother has been hiding these last few weeks. Pretending to be a good guy. I actually have her a little gift when she's ready to use it."

"You didn't."

"Oh, I did. She still has the Phoenix. It was such a shame how easy it was for that flame to be extinguished on your world, kinda pissed me off. Then again, different resources. This world is going to be such a exciting playground!"

"Why are you telling me all of this?"

"Because I'm ashamed of you. In the end, you're just as sappy and kind as Cassandra. You were suppose to be fun."

"It's your own fault. Giving me a little sister like Lola gave me a reason to be a good guy."

"Let's see how you do now." Thanos laughed. "No one to fight for. Just one person, whose very mad at you, to fight."

"I'm going go stop her." Charlie sighed. "This world is too nice for a bitch like that."

"Have fun." Thanos smiled. "I can't wait to watch all the destruction!"

  1. Charlie contacts Wolverine, the one X-Man she truly trusts
  2. Storm prepares in her room for her big attack on her homeland
  3. Another soul, from Thanos' universe, has arrived
  4. Charlie is contacted by Cassandra and Lola from the afterlife
  5. something else

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