Mutant Dimension Travelers in the Marvel Universe - Charlie Xavier - life after death

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Mutant Dimension Travelers in the Marvel Universe - Charlie Xavier - life after death

Charlie Xavier, spoiled teen, selfish nymphomaniac, and adopted daughter of Empress Storm, send her soul into the brain of the zombie Charles Xavier, Onslaught, world's most feared evil mutant.

In the first selfless act of her entire life, she detonated all her psychic power, turning her powers into a mental bomb deep inside the monster she was cloned from.

"Lola and Magda, be safe!" Charlie whispered, and then she died.

And then she awoke.


Her eyes fluttered opened and she sat-up in bed.

She was in a hospital, her body hooked-up to all sorts of machines.

She looked at herself in the mirror.

A cute, petite teen girl with long, luxurious blonde hair. Sure, that was there. But her face was wrong. It wasn't her. It was... someone else.

Charlie X reached-out with her telepathy. At least that worked. Reached through the hospital.

Apparently, she had entered the body of Christine Xander, a girl who had suffered utter brain-damage thanks to a supervillain attack. She had been a total vegetable.

But the Xanders were incredibly rich, and couldn't bear to see their little girl day. So they had paid for Christine to be on permanent life-support.

And now Charlie's soul had entered the girl's vacant brain.

Charlie grinned. "Christine Xander." Apparently her soul had found the person who was the best fit for her here.

Then her eyes went wide as her telepathy showed her that this world was full of superheros and supervillains too. But many of them very different from what she thought.

The Avengers were apparently heroes. Stevie and Toni were MEN. Hydra was trying to conquer the world. And....

She gasped.

The X-MEN! Led by Onslaught, but here Charles Xavier was a good-guy. And the team included hero versions of Summer, Empress Mommy, Kitty, Lola.... Lola was a hairy guy here.

Charlie giggled. This place was weird.

* * *

Unfortunately for Charlie, at least one of the other dead of her universe had found her way here....

The X-Men had been practicing in the Dancer Room when suddenly Storm had collapsed.

"Are you okay, Storm?" Wolverine asked.

"Just find," the Empress purred, looking out from her parallel counterpart's mind. Her intense willpower was keeping her new self shielded from Professor X. "Just find, dear."
  1. Empress Storm gets to know her much slimmer new self
  2. Charlie tries to contact one of her old "friends"
  3. She secretly spies on the X-Men
  4. She tries to live Christine Xander's life
  5. Another dead soul has crossed-over
  6. Something else

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