Ghost Inside The Machine - Introduction: Discovering the Machine

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Ghost Inside The Machine - Introduction: Discovering the Machine

"I've done it!" Robin said, finishing his creation of the most powerful machine known to mankind. It had taken his fathers and forefathers to complete, but here it was. At about 3 meters tall and 2 meters wide, it looked like an oversized portapotty with an extremely wide entrance, with a panel of knobs and buttons on the side. If turned off, the giant chamber inside is empty, fit for nothing more then storage, a dark void. When charged up and activated, the machine would suddenly open a portal into deep space.

The anterior of this portal was so surreal, inside was an illusory dream like realm. The world inside could be an endless cascade of flowing neon lights, or a 50's diner. A Space Station, a school classroom, a house or a football field, it could manifest it's phantasmal world as anything, and everything was always in accordance with some level of the entrants desires, almost as if this dimension was sentient. Inside, strange beings occasionally manifested. Not made of flesh or atoms, from the void emerges individuals that always correspond with the guest's ideal desires.

These manifestations feel and seem as real as any flesh-blood human. They can change shape and form, know the memories and thoughts of the guests inside, and change their environment even. One thing Ryan quickly realized, in theory about this world is you should never ever EVER close the door when inside. The connection with 'reality' when closed off will put the entrants at the mercy of the illusions and manifestations inside, converting them into the same type of malleable ethereal substance inside. And even, leaving them to be changed and exposed to their desires and lovers, now omnipotent, within this strange and surreal world inside a box.

Rubbing his hands together, Robin grinned as he put his wrench down and sat back. The world was his to command. And soon, inside he'd have everything he'd ever wanted! Right?
  1. Robin steps inside himself
  2. He calls his friend, Will over
  3. His Ex stops by while he's away
  4. A girl named Alice sneaks in
  5. Turn on the Machine already
  6. Something seems to step out
  7. Something else
  8. Something else
  9. Something else
  10. Something else

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