DC Girlfriends In Control - Time for a change!

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DC Girlfriends In Control - Time for a change!

While the Justice League were off saving the world, many of the wives and girlfriends of the heroes liked to hang-out together. Lois Lane, Iris West, Carol Ferris, Carol Ferris, Jean Lorring, and many of the others would chat, gossip, and generally bond.

This time they were meeting at a bar, and had more than a few martinis to drink....

"Ohhhh, sometimes it's so frustrating!" Iris said.

"Yes," Lois agreed as she took a swig of her martini. "They get to fly around all powerful and save the world, and we're left wondering when they'll get back."

"Sometimes I really wish they knew what it was like," Carol sighed. "I wish they knew what it was like to be the weaker ones, and we're in control."

* * *

"Ummm, Ms. Lane?"

Lois slowly opened her eyes to see a nervous girlish figure looking at her. The figure was standing in front of her bed, dressed in a sexy secretary outfit, with cute black asses, and a big pile of bouffant style hair.

"You should get ready for work, ma'am," the figure said.


"The editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet shouldn't be late."

"Who are you?" Lois asked.

"Me?" The figure giggled. "I'm your sissy sexretary Clara Kent, silly!"
  1. How does Lois feel about her sexretary?
  2. She discovers she is also the owner of LoisCorp, the former LexCorp.
  3. A warning alarm. Time for Lois to change into Superwoman!
  4. See how another former wifey is doing
  5. Something else

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