Kennedy's revenge - The beginning

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Kennedy's revenge - The beginning

"I'll show them, I'll show them all," Kennedy (the Vampire Slayer, not the president) muttered, as she was busy doing what looked (to an uninitiated person), something of an arts and crafts project. In reality, she was repairing. The Seed.

Well, the initial Seed - not the back-up version that had been jump-started by Illyria (the God-King, not the country) and Koh: this was probably more of a Seed v. 2, not that Kennedy cared about it. What she wanted right now was-

Ok, it was probably revenge, but with D'Hoffryn trying to make nice with Buffy and the Scoobies for some reason, Kennedy was trying to squash any revenge-related thoughts down - just in case. She didn't want the info of her... vengeance to reach Buffy and the Scoobies at all: she didn't want to make personal, she wanted to make it impersonal, and - grand.

Ever since the mess with the First Evil ended, ever since the situation with Simone and Severin had been resolved, Kennedy found herself more and more marginalized in the Scooby gang's P.O.V. In general, she had nothing against it, but the fact that Willow had broken up with her for no good reason (other than the whole marginalization thing) rankled. A lot. Kennedy wanted to do something that would take Willow, (and Buffy, and their friends), down a peg - and searching and combining the pieces of the initial Seed sounded like a good idea. At worst, the reassembled artifact would be a dud; at best, it would do something, and since Kennedy's vengeance idea was all about the status quo and breaking it, this actually was what she wanted; if Buffy, Willow and the others would get caught in the fallout and be taken down a would be actually an extra bonus; if not - then not.

To spruce things up, (so to speak), although Kennedy had tried her best to restore the initial Seed to its original shape, form, and content, she had failed, (so to speak), especially with the last part: due to the initial smashing, some parts of the Seed in question vanished altogether, so Kennedy had to fill in the gaps with paper, and sealing wax, and on occasion - more exotic, (purposefully so), materials such as pieces of amber and coal. The Seed's recovering magic incorporated it all, giving the Seed a more exotic, (in a heterogeneous way), appearance and content...

To be honest, Kennedy had to admit that this was no longer about vengeance; it was more about discovery and experimentation: I.e., what will she accomplish? What will come out? ...Considering that she only had the top cap part left to put on, (to glue on?), she was about to find out.

There! The top cap part looked as good as new as she put it onto the rest of the 'restored' Seed, even though the original material itself (in that top cap part) was adhered to a pyramid-shaped stone that Kennedy had acquired from some antiques store. Kennedy put it onto the rest of the 'restored' Seed, and the artifact came to life, as it levitated into mid-air and exploded in a flair of ruby-colored light, taking Kennedy's world with her...
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