The remote - Miranda gives Eve a chance to redeem herself before changing her, and it backfires

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The remote - Miranda gives Eve a chance to redeem herself before changing her, and it backfires

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Miranda almost changed Eve there but decided to approach her first, maybe she could convince her to just apologize without using the remote, or maybe just scaring her with the threat of using the remote would be enough.

Miranda walked up to Eve who was still laughing at what she did.

"Hey you should apologize to Kathryn"

Eve was strutting along, still laughing over the look on Kathryn's face. She had heard her crying and running away too. "How couldn't I?" she thought to herself. "The sound of her thunder thighs rubbing together like that was deafening!" This just made her laugh even more, and feel even more victorious. Girls like Kathryn just made her feel even hotter...

But then Eve stopped as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see Miranda Stemlar stood there. She narrowed her eyes and glared at the redhead. She didn't like Miranda. She didn't even really respect her. But at least part of Eve was aware that this was a hot girl, who was also very intelligent. So it was almost what passed for respect with Eve. Even though she was a bit disgusted at how Miranda acted. Always Miss Goody Two Shoes. Defender of the weak. Couldn't even pick on a nerd or insult a fatty nowadays without her getting involved...

"Apologize for what?" Eve smiled coldly. "Telling her the truth? Well why should I have to hear about how amazing she I... when she's lost weight and is still a whale! Besides, you saw what I did. I made her run. That'll help, right?" she giggled, and made to turn away dismissively. Then she noted the object in Miranda's hand.

"What's that, anyways?" she demanded. "One of your Game boys or whatever? Girls shouldn't play video games..." Eve sighed.

"A Game boy?" Miranda sighed she knew that she had just invented this device, but who could be so dense to think this was a Game boy?

Miranda brushed back her hair. "First off you have no right to treat people like that and second this is no toy, but even if it was everyone has the right to do what they enjoy and not be judged for it."

Miranda held up the remote. "This is a device I have just invented, when the user points the remote at someone they have the ability to change that person in any way that they desire. I made this so that stuck up bitches like you can understand how other people feel."

Miranda pointed the remote at Eve. " Now since you could not be a descent person and apologize I am going to change you so you understand how Kathryn feels."

Unfortunately at that moment a red eyed Kathryn was returning. She had spent the last ten minutes crying over what Eve had said to her and now she needed some comfort food. Without seeing Miranda, Kathryn bumped into her causing the remote to slip from her hands.

"Sorry" A sad Kathryn said as she passed by Miranda, but Miranda had bigger problems than that. The remote had left from her grasp and slid to the feet of Eve who she had just told about the remote.

"Ha funny joke right? yeah that really is a Game boy can I please have it back." Miranda said nervously

Eve laughed quite a bit at first. What a freak! Why would Miranda think she'd believe such shit... "Miranda, what the fuck are you talking about? Your little Game boy is gonna make me sorry...?" Eve taunted her, giggling.

But the look on Miranda's face was genuine. She genuinely believed what she was saying? Eve began to look a bit worried, worried about what this lunatic could do to her. Even if she didn't believe this remote could do anything, she thought Miranda might go psycho and attack her or whatever. "Listen, Miranda, just calm down, alright...?" she said slowly and nervously. Miranda must have thought Eve believed her about the remote. And just as she was about to press a button... She heard a loud sobbing noise, and saw Kathryn waddling about behind her like the pig she was. And she knocked into Miranda.

A clattering sound emitted from the floor, as the remote was flung to the floor. And it landed near Eve's high-heeled feet. "Well, looks like Miranda's not getting her Game boy back..." she whispered, smiling. Maybe she'd steal it to teach the bitch a lesson. Or sell it back to her or something?

But she saw the buttons on it, some of them labeled. One was "Weight", operated on a slider. And there was a setting too "Memory change". She giggled at Miranda. "Weight, huh? Fitting button for a pig like that Kathryn, right?" With that, she jokingly pointed the remote at her and hit the switch up. And watched in amazement as Kathryn did indeed change. But her memories did too.

Kathryn was a bit fat now, at just under 200 pounds, but she began to blow up even further now... Soon, she weighed in at a grossly bloated 500 pounds, and was waddling away with much more difficulty. But she seemed to always remember being 500 pounds...

  1. Eve decides to change more people
  2. Miranda runs at Eve desperate to get the remote back
  3. Eve is shocked and outraged that the remote works and uses it to get revenge on Miranda
  4. Eve is freaked out drops the remote and runs
  5. Miranda sees that Eve had used the remote, but does not know what she changed, so she runs
  6. Something else
  7. Something else
  8. Something else

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