The remote - Eve, Miranda and the remote.

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The remote - Eve, Miranda and the remote.

Eve Saunders checked herself out in the mirror one last time in the bathroom. She reapplied a little lipstick... adjusted the strap on her halter top to show off as much cleavage as she could... there! Perfect! She looked beautiful! As always... The 24-year old blonde beauty strutted out of the bathroom into her college. And she felt like the queen.

Eve had always been a bit of a bitch though. Okay, a lot. She was beautiful, and because of that, had always been one of the popular students. And because of that, she thought it was her right, no, her prerogative, to essentially shit on anyone she saw lower than her. Which was most people. Take now, for instance...

She passed two girls in the corridor. One was called Kathryn, the other her friend Donna. Kathryn had always been a bit of a big girl, in the 200+ pound range. But she was eagerly telling Donna how she'd lost 10 pounds the last month. She looked so happy, so pleased with herself. Until Eve overheard, and came over, sneering.

"What do you have to be so happy about, pig? You're still a fucking great big fatty! Don't turn around too fast now, your massive ass might hit the wall and break it..." she sneered at Kathryn, and strutted away, pleased with herself, laughing as Kathryn looked like she might start crying.

But elsewhere, someone had a plan to put Eve in her place...

Miranda Stemlar had just finished her masterpiece it was something the world had never seen before a remote that could change its intended target to anything that the user wishes, breaking everything we thought was true of reality.

Miranda would not be the person you would think of when the word genius comes to mind. Miranda takes care of her mind and body and it shows with her tight body and her beautiful red hair that cascades over her shoulders her plentiful breasts pressing tightly to her shirt. Miranda though did not think she was better than everyone because of her beauty she was actually quite humble and only wished for happiness and understanding.

Miranda marveled at the remote this device must be the single greatest invention ever, wars could be ended, religious and ethnic disputes put to rest, with this remote everyone could come to understand each other, and although she did not like it there was a feature to completely brain wash the subject into thinking they were a completely different person, but that would only be used for the extreme cases. At that moment though Miranda's triumph was interrupted by a girl who went running passed the room crying. Miranda recognized it was Kathryn a very sweet girl who she talked to this morning; she was so happy that she had lost ten pounds. Miranda wandered what could have changed Kathryn's mood so drastically, that is when she heard laughter of the person she despises the most.

Eve Saunders was everything Miranda hated about today's society, a self centered bitch who only cared about herself and hurting those that she deems inferior.

Miranda spied the remote in her hand she could change Eve now this would make for a great test if the invention works no one would be any wiser, expect for Miranda, it would be a perfect lesson for the stuck up bitch.
  1. Miranda uses the remote to change Eve, and she is the only one that notices it.
  2. Miranda uses the remote to change, but switches the setting so Eve will know that she had been changed.
  3. Miranda gives Eve a chance to redeem herself before changing her, and it backfires
  4. Miranda gives Eve a chance to redeem herself, and to her surprise she apologizes.
  5. The power goes to MirandaÃÂs head and she uses the remote to get revenge on Eve and others
  6. Something else
  7. Something else
  8. Something else

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