Evil Avengers - Avengers, Destroy!

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Evil Avengers - Avengers, Destroy!

Steve Rogers had a weird dream. He was in space, paralyzed, watching Thanos yield the infinity gauntlet and laughing.

"I've decided your world needs some alterations." Thanos smiled, twiddling his finger right at Captain America's face. "You'll remember, at first. But ever so slowly, my changes will start to feel just right. Good morning, sweetheart. You're gonna love the new you, eventually!"
At a bank, during a robbery, Steve awoke on the ground very confused. His chest felt heavier than usual and his pants felt unusually tight in all the wrong places.

"Get your trashy butt up, Miss America, we have a robbery to finish!" A robotic feminine voice shouted.

Miss America? Why did that sound right to her... Him.

"What's goin' on?" Steve asked in a girly Brooklyn accent.

"You can't be that dense." A muscular dyke, wearing black spandex, with a thick Russian accent laughed. "We fighting Hydra."

Getting her... His focus together. He focused on his team fighting men and women in Hydra uniforms. But for some reason, his teammates were the ones with cases of cash.

There was Iron Bitch, a pink robotic suited maniac shooting poisonous darts at not only Hydra, but innocent bystanders.

Black Widow, but she seemed so butch and bloodthirsty. With only a knife, she went stab crazy on the men in red and black.

A teen Hawkeye was fighting, but she didn't seem to focused on the fight. Glued to her cell phone, she had an automatic bow that shot arrow lasers. She wasn't going to let her freshly manicured hands get messed up by a dirty arrow now, was she?

A very small, weak, Thor was present as well. He had zits, glasses, and what sounded like asthma. He was stronger than your average human, but he was clearly not cut out for fighting. He was only there to hack the system.

"You won't get away with this!" A Hydra agent shouted.

"Salute to Shield!" Black Widow chanted, raising her hands.

"Salute to shield!" All the Avengers responded, including Stevie, as they were teleported back to their lair.

"What is going on?" Stevie thought to herself.

And then Thanos appeared in her mind and she remembered this world as it is.

Hydra is a global peace keeping organization protecting the world from the forces of evil. Like Shield, a syndicate founded in the 30's devoted to everything the old Hydra stood for.

In this world, the Red Skull was a kind man fighting for equality, democracy, and prosperity amongst all walks of life. While Stevie's grandmother, Peggie Carter was a human supremacist rounding up mutants into Churchill's camps.

This was a strange memory. Being a teen villain, sexy, sluty, and ditzy. But for some reason, it felt right.

"We got the cash!" Iron Bitch laughed, taking off her armor to reveal a huge rack.

"We also got Hydra blueprints for helicarrier." Natasha smiled.

"Who cares?" Toni scoffed like a spoiled brat. "I'm going online shopping!"

"Not without me!" Cindy Barton giggled. "You gonna joy us, Stevie?"

Stevie was terrified, the Avengers have been twisted into something terrible. But at the same time it felt so right.

  1. Stevie tries to fight this reality's hold on her
  2. Stevie is compelled to hang out with Iron Bitch and Cindy Barton
  3. Natasha wants to spend some alone time with Miss America
  4. something else

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