Melding Wand - Fatcat stumbles into the rest of the X-Men

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Melding Wand - Fatcat stumbles into the rest of the X-Men

Parent Chapter

"Well, this is awkward, to say the least." Said Emma Frost, as she looked at the data Cerebro had absorbed from the mind and body of 'Kitty Dukes'.

"The poor child can't be trapped as that...disgusting beast." Weapt Ororo. The weather-manipulating mutant had always been close to the young girl, but now that she and the Blob had fused into the same entity, that closeness was in jeopardy. For one thing, the influence of Fred Dukes caused Kitty to speak quite openly about "Gettin' mah snatch filled." and "Findin' some boys whuts inta big gals like me." When Storm had asked her to stop, she'd reached under her swelling bowl of belly fat and pulled her hand out...slick with juices. "Maybe th' ol' Kitty had th' time t' waste hopin' ol' Petey would take an' interest, but let me tell you...Kitty Dukes ain't got th' time. Whut mamma's got is a hankerin' fer some action. Think I'll hit th' SSBBW chatrooms an' blow some fat fancier's mind. Trust meh, Storm..." she said, slapping one jiggly buttock "...all'a this ham's gonna be real interestin' to th' right man...or woman."

Unable to really stop her, the rest of the X-Men just watched as the massive young girl waddled out of the room. Scott had left to run some tests with Hank McCoy, while Cable said he'd run down some leads he had. That left Storm, Jean Grey...and the newest and least welcome member Emma Frost.

"Watch your tongue, Emma..." warned Jean, as she lay a sympathetic hand on her shoulder. " you'll eventually find out, the X-Men are a family....and family sticks together."

Emma rolled her eyes in disgust. The red-headed bitch would never accept that Scott Summers loved Emma now and not her. Storm left the room to follow after Kitty, perhaps thinking she should try once again to get her back.

"She's not hurting. In fact, the newly minted 'Kitty Dukes' is far more balanced and confident than either or her old halves were. We should get to the bottom of this situation, yes...but it's far from the worst thing that's ever happened."

Jean Grey was disgusted with Emma's cold rationalizing, and was about to tell her...when she saw what appeared to be a swirling helix of energy in the air above them. Not certain as to what was happening, Emma readied herself for attack, but Jean saw that there was someone caught up in the helix. A humanoid from that was struggling...and begging.

"I's a person." Said Jean, as she selflessly reached out a hand and grasped the struggling form.

As she did so...the twin prongs of the Melding Wand discharged itself, collecting the two targets...into one. On one end of the transformation was the beautiful and selfless Jean Grey, and on the other end...

Mortimer Toynebee was a short, fat, sniveling, hunchbacked little Englishman who'd groveled and simpered for villains like Magneto and the Stranger. A brilliant intellect combined with a weak and cowardly nature, his meager powers of agility, leaping and a grotesque, elongated tongue had made him a minor threat at best...

Emma watched - fascinated and amused - as the combined figure landed and began to hyperventilate. She was still a 'she', and there were traces of the old Jean in the face and the still red hair...but that face was round and fat as the Toads. Her hair was limp, unwashed and set into the toads simple bowlcut. Her lips were thick above her double chin, and though her fat, round little body was actually quite muscular, she looked like a dumpy, frumpy little mess as opposed to the beautiful woman she had been. Her tits were large, but wobbling atop her round belly. Her short legs were bowed and graceless-looking, and her pudgy little hands had nimble little fingers. Her costume had changed as well, being basic the Toads old costume but in Jean Grey's later colors of orange and blue.

"Wh-wh-wh-what..." she babbled, wringing her hands and moaning in desperate panic. Her mental abilities gone, she was instead loaded with the Toads crippling feelings of self doubt and inferiority. She felt like such a loser. A total 'no hoped' as the other brats in the orphanage used to say. She tried to hold onto Jeans confidence, but it was useless. She moaned and wailed in misery, just wanting someone to tell her what to do. She was just the Toad after all. Just a sad, desperate loser without the ability to make decisions for herself.

Emma smiled, and held out both her hands' saying "Calm down, little one. Oh, you poor dear. Who are you now, hmm?"

She felt blessed as the beautiful, powerful woman reached out and took her wringing hands. She spoke so calm and was so nice.

In her new voice, which has somewhat like the voice of Jean Grey but less articulate and heavy with northern English "B-b-beggin' yer pardon, mum...but I'm...I mean, I'm J-J-Janet T-T-Toynebee, but...I didn' used't be, mum. I mean..."

Emma smiled, reached her powerful mind into Jeans, and calmed her panic. Love and loyalty bloomed there, as Emma blotted out all her worries and replaced them with new memories. Soon...

The Toad glowed with pride as the masterful White Queen (she'd NEVER be so crass as to call her 'Emma') told her all about how she was her favorite servant and helper. She swelled with new confidence as Emma told her that she was her closest and most loyal Toad, and soon...she said "Sorry 'bout actin' all out of it there, miss Frost. I d-d-dunno whut came over me."

Emma smiled down at the groveling yet happy little Toad that bowed and simpered before her. Gone was any trace of the old Jean Grey. In her place was a loyal and worshipful servant. Emma slipped a cigarette into her long, white holder, and the new Toad stepped up and lit it without blinking an eye. Jean had never allowed her to smoke in the Mansion, but now her former enemy was all but pissing herself in glee at being given a task.

"Now come, Toad. We must find the rest of the X-Men and explain your current...situation to them"

The Toad - so happy to be able to serve - bounced along after her, dreams of service and servitude dancing in her head.

  1. Emma and the new Toad Girl explain what just happened to the X-Men.
  2. Fat Cat and Storm talk.
  3. Kitty Dukes seek out Colossus.
  4. Scott Summers contacts the Fantastic Four, only to find that they've had their own issues to deal with.
  5. Scott Summers contacts the Avengers instead.
  6. Something Else

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