Malediction - Her bra felt unusually tight.

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Malediction - Her bra felt unusually tight.

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History was Alana's first class in the morning, and it was one of her best subjects. While she wasn't some sort of genius or history nerd, she generally enjoyed the subject, and consistently got A's and B's. Today, however, she was finding she was having a hard time concentrating. At first, she couldn't figure out why. She just felt... restless, uncomfortable. She kept shifting in her seat, adjusting her clothing... anything to relieve the pressure she felt in her chest. And that's when it hit her: her bra felt incredibly constricting.

She decided to wait out the rest of the class, as she didn't want to make a scene. Each second felt like an eternity, as she could feel the fabric squish her breasts with every breath she took. Eventually, the bell rang, and she dashed to the bathroom. She barreled into one of the stalls, slamming the door behind her. She peeled off the yellow polo shirt she was wearing, and immediately she could tell something was different.

Normally, her modest breasts rested comfortably in her B cup bras. Now, however, flesh was oozing over the top, marked by angry red lines where the fabric met her flesh. She unsnapped the bra and felt a rush of relief as her breasts bounced free. Alana marveled at what she was looking at. Her breasts were undeniably bigger, C cups maybe even Ds. They looked amazing, she had to admit, full, round and perky. But where had they come from. It was possible she was still developing, but this much growth in one morning? It had to be impossible...

Perhaps it was... well Alana had no idea what it could be, but it wasn't exactly a bad thing. They didn't hurt (well, apart from the bra) and her next class was starting soon, so she made the decision to ignore them for the moment and continue on with her day. She didn't want breasts like these bouncing free, so she reluctantly snapped the bra back on, not relishing the idea of spending the entire day like this but seeing no other alternative. Slipping on her shirt, she headed to her next class.

  1. She runs into a friend at lunch who notices her breasts look bigger.
  2. She runs into a cheerleader after school who invites her to try out this year.
  3. She goes to sleep, and wakes up the next morning to find her belly and ass have caught up with her breasts.
  4. She wakes up the next morning to find her breasts even bigger. None of her bras fit, and her mom offers to take her bra shopping after school.
  5. She wakes up the next morning and finds her breasts even bigger. Her wardrobe has changed to match.
  6. She goes to school the next day, and finds her classes seem unusually difficult.
  7. Something else.
  8. Something else.

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