A trip in hell - The accident

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A trip in hell - The accident

The day was anything, but ordinary for a bunch of young adults. They left the small town they lived all their lives and were in direction of the big city. Tonight, they will party likes theres was no tomorrow. What they didn't know was there won't be a tomorrow for them.

In the car they were five. Charles, Liam, Anna, Melody and Rachel.

Charles was the responsible of the gang. He was 5 foot 10, black hair and muscular.

Liam was the party boy. He was not very attractive, but he was at every party bringing life to it. He was tall nearly 6 foot 2 with dirty blond hair.

Anna was a brunette the girl next door type. She was never the first choice for men, but they all fall in love with her when they start to know her.

Melody was very beautiful, but has an attitude problem. She knew she was beautiful and use it to her advantage. Always wearing something to emphasis her large bossom and cleavage.

Rachel was the shy girl of the group. Always trying to hide herself in social event, but her natural red hair put a target on her.

The night in the city was awesome for the gang. Even for Charles the designated driver. They were Young, but kind responsible. The problem was not every body was that responsible. On their way back, a drunk driver was on the wrong side of the lane in curve and Charles saw him at the last minutes. They all die on the impact. Our story start when they open their eyes.

They told us hell was place of burning fire and physical pain, but they were wrong. The demon of hell love to play with the mind of the Fallen. In hell, the body of men and women are clay in the hands of the demons and they love to create, manipulate and change both mind and body.

  1. They woke up all together
  2. The woke up seperated
  3. Something else

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